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Bridge Building and Karma!!

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Bridge Building and Karma!!

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 20, 2008 8:41 pm

Vee, deja vu?? Nigel knows my concerns and involvement with peace making and building bridges where they had been burned in the car club world. Cars?? Oh no this is going to be boring, lol. I'm not going to talk cars so please stay. But you might find what I say familiar!!

It was more to do with the gap between generations. The gap is growing year on year, generation on generation. My own opinion is that this gap and lack of understanding between youth and senior folk contributes greatly to the lack of respect in society. In some small way myself and Nigel attempted to heal that rift by 'Building Bridges'. We worked with the police and local modified groups to successfully hold marshalled events with old codgers in Hot Rods and the youngsters in their Modded up modern cars. Members of our hobby and a couple in our club did not like this because they did not like the youngsters and certainly didn't like then in our club. As Nessie was chairman and myself Treasurer and event organiser an attempt was made to undermine us using many people that were not members of our club to put pressure on us from outside. Our lives were made so difficult by the lies, smears and political crap that we left the club. The main instigator of those lies became the new chairwoman.

But as we say Karma gets it's way in the end. The new chairwoman has just been charged successfully with theft. She took the 10,000 in the club funds, most of which was raised over the years with myself and Nessie at the helm. Last year 2000 was allocated for the Colchester ITU. They didn't get paid. Usually we give money to child charities but One of our members died as a teenager and Colchester ITU looked after him until he passed so they should have got the benefit. But Me and Vee had already gone and this women who lied about us was at the helm. She spent ALL of it, got 18 months suspended and a few weeks community service. She cant afford to pay the money back. But she lied, flattered the men ( she is a rather beautiful woman)undermined what we were doing ans succesfully turned some of our own members against us. not all though as most of that club are now in our new club.

This will be a long post so now the Karma bit is out of the way I'll do a new one for the next part.

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A story about building bridges.

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:00 pm

Yesterday we went to the annual Girl Guides Christmas play. My step daughter is a member. I have took a video of her singing solo which I'll put up elsewhere later. I'm very proud of her.

Anyway, the theme of the story was Two tribes seperated by a river. We start a few hundred years ago. The first songs were about the tribes shouting across the river at each other about which tribe was better and had the meaning of life sorted. The slagging off across the river turned more nasty and stones were thrown across the river and there was no bridge between the Two where the Two could meet and communicate face to face.

Go forward a few hundred years to recent times. A film crew stumbled across One tribe and stayed to do a documentry. They then discovered that another tribe was across the river but could not reach them. So, a bridge was built!! The crew went over and found out that the Queen of that tribe could not have a baby and no direct line would become the next King or Queen. This was a major major thing with both tribes. The crew came back and told the sad story to the king and queen of the first tribe they discovered. The king knew how bad it must be for the other side and decided to give his first born to the King and Queen of their foe's. This they did and the bridge remains with both tribes respecting each others differences but helping each other out where needed. They both still exsist as seperate tribes but through respect and communication, their lives are much better and richer for it.

I thought I'd put it in this thread as 'Other Blog' threads are only in existence where direct lines of communication are lost. This is not a judgment on it or who has caused it. Just that what is lost when people are banned for not having the same opinion is much the same as burning bridges.

Food for Thought

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Bridges or Kharma? It's a Win Win situation

Post by Guest on Sat Dec 20, 2008 9:20 pm

So one story of Kharma and one of building bridges.

When a clash of opinions takes place and bridges are built, success is very likely. When, one group uses underhand tactics and lies and the bridges are burned. Kharma comes to the rescue.


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Re: Bridge Building and Karma!!

Post by vee8 on Sat Dec 20, 2008 10:18 pm

That's very profound Mod, but no way am I 'donating' any of my kids to 3a's!

Seriuosly, I get what you're saying. Respect and understanding is a two way street. Take sillycat for instance. She is an opponent, not an enemy, and I am happy to call her a friend. Take a look at how she is sticking up for me, again, on 3a's. she didn't have to get involved, but she did, and I am eternally grateful to her for that. Mods'n'rodders non-conformist car club was born from the antagonism and disrespect within the AHRA car club. profenceanti is the forum equvalent. They build bridges, and in the end will outlive the 3a's, as hatred is always ultimatly self-destructive.
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Re: Bridge Building and Karma!!

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