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Paulo Pereira Christovao Heads Missing Childrens Organisation - WHAT!!

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Paulo Pereira Christovao Heads Missing Childrens Organisation - WHAT!!

Post by sadie on Sat Dec 13, 2008 11:37 pm

I can’t get my head around this!

Portugal used to have a child agency called ‘Institute de Apolo a Crianca’ which published details of and looked for missing children.

There is now a new set up, a new organisation specialising in missing children called: Portuguese Association for missing Children. Brilliant! I thought.
Then I saw who was leading this brand new Organisation for Missing Children - our friend, Paulo Pereira Christovao is President.

  • Yes,the same Paulo Christovao accused of Torture in the ongoing Cipriano Torture Trial. One of the men thought to have falsely accused Leanor of murder, rather than do a proper search for Joana – a missing childthe man who was a Chief Inspector, with Amaral and others who failed to find missing children. Who gave up too early and who accused others (who are now thought innocent) of the crimes.
  • The man who as a journalist was releasing all the deliberately incriminating disinformation about the McCanns, courtesy of his friend and ex-colleague Goncalo Amara. Am I correct in thinking that they are both dismissed ex PJ Chief Inspectors? The man who has made money from missing children, by releasing two books. One book about Joana Cipriano, the other about Madeleine McCann. The man who says that the Organisation was founded to find eight missing children – BUT NOT MADELEINE. He said this to 24Horas. But not Madeleine because the McCanns are suspects

  • http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-501093/McCanns-arrested-abandoning-Madeleine-missing-childrens-boss-says.html/

    No doubt both these books are full of the same disinformation as his newspaper articles were. Is this what is called ‘Paedo Tom-Tom’?

  • What’s going on? So this man who couldn’t be bothered to do a proper search for a missing child (preferring the culprit to get away?), who deliberately released disinformation (paedo tom-tom?) to incriminate the mother (preferring the abductor to get away?) and who wrote two books making money from the missing children is leading a new organisation specialising in missing children called, ‘The Portuguese Association for Missing Children’! What is going on?

Why is a man who seems to be against finding missing children, running an organisation such as this? Why would such a man want to run such an organisation? Who would appoint him to such a position? What I am asking myself is - does he have an ulterior motive? Does the person who appointed him have an ulterior motive? Do you get what I am driving at?


I can’t get my head around this![/size]

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Re: Paulo Pereira Christovao Heads Missing Childrens Organisation - WHAT!!

Post by maria on Mon Jan 12, 2009 8:55 pm


The association headed by Cristovão is not replacing the state organisation. It is an association of parents and people worried about the subject.

But yes, you are right. How desperate and duped are these parents to even accept this type of person as a member and on top elect/nominate him to head the association! As far as I can remember, they all complained about PJ innefficiency in looking for their children and they expected Cristovão, being exPJ could help 'things' inside PJ. Typical portuguese.
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Re: Paulo Pereira Christovao Heads Missing Childrens Organisation - WHAT!!

Post by Marilyn on Tue Jan 13, 2009 1:14 am

This is letting the fox into the henhouse .. are they MAD.
What better way to obstruct justice than to be right in the midst of these cases .. how easy then to make sure they never find their children or get even close to finding out who took them. No .. I can't get my head around this one either.

smellarat smellarat smellarat :duh: :duh: :duh:


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Re: Paulo Pereira Christovao Heads Missing Childrens Organisation - WHAT!!

Post by dianeh on Tue Jan 13, 2009 8:40 am

Even if they thought he was going to be OK, once he was indicted on charges, he should have been dismissed from the position, or at least suspended until the trial was over.

It is beyond belief that someone who is on charges over another missing child case, can be heading such an organisation. IN addition to the fact that as a copper, he wouldnt even have the organisational skills necessary to run such an organisation.

And add this to the fact that he refused to list Madeleine as a missing child because her parents were under investigation, yet it was good enough for Interpol. But had he listed her, then it would have made his book look a bit like the money grabbing assortment of lies that it is. That rat has a huge stench.
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Re: Paulo Pereira Christovao Heads Missing Childrens Organisation - WHAT!!

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