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The problem with 3A's

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Re: The problem with 3A's

Post by Guest on Fri Dec 12, 2008 9:29 am

This reminded me. Vee, do you remember the Forever Searching stand on Merea Island? A child was left at the stand and told to stay there. The parents went off to look around the show we were at. They didn't ask if FS could look after the child. They just left her there!!!! The mind boggles.

Link to a V8 http://justice4mccannfam.5forum.biz/dear-diary-blogspot-f18/grease-is-the-word-t656-60.htm#10025

I'll try and sort out Vees. But my Coupe will have to do for now..he he, lol.


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Post by dianeh on Fri Dec 12, 2008 10:36 am

When I see things like that (child left behind, like when they are told to stay on a seat and the mother goes into a store), I get so angry. If something happened to the child, then they would be the first to say how great parents they are.

It just ###### me off. When I was shopping on the weekend, there was a little girl (about 4) that was lost. This lovely lady had her by the hand asking what her Mummy's name was. But she didnt know, just Mummy. I watched for a little while to make sure this woman was doing the right thing, and the woman was just about to take her to the office. She said that I was about the fifth person to ask her if the little girl was alright.

So it is good to know that in my little part of the world, that we notice a lost child and do something about it.

I wrote that and now feel sick. We have a tremendous problem with our remote aboriginal communities (bad enough in the towns), and child abuse (stories to horrendous to relate), and our govt does nothing because they are afraid of offending the sensibilities of the lefties who think a child's culture is more important than their health or life. ( When I get time, i will start a thread for you all, I think you will be shocked at what happens in this so called First World country). I am not racist, I am concerned for children, all children, and think all children deserve a start in life which doesnt involve being born addicted to drugs, or with alcohol foetal syndrome, or being beaten half to death, or sexually abused by drunk and drugged members of their own family.

My wish for Xmas is that in the new year that our govt gets a backbone and does something to save these poor little children. OK,this is only one of my wishes, the other one is that Madeleine is returned in time to spend Xmas with her Mummy, Daddy, Sean and Amelie.
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