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Daily Merlin.

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Daily Merlin.

Post by vee8 on Sat Oct 25, 2008 5:24 am

I don't know how I missed this post yesterday, unless he put two up at once.


Daily Merlin Insight for Thursday 23rd October 2008
Using Merlin Tarot
'An insight gazing into the NOW situation with regard to Madeleine McCann. The images to act as indications of where MM currently resides and what is around her at this time.

Gaining a sense of her essence at this time, to act as a bearing & focus. An energy to which awareness is 'sent' in order to recover a sense of what is currenty occurring.

The Merlin Tarot cards split into three seperate piles. Almost as always during previous DMI's. The middle pile chosen ... which represents the middle path to be wandered.

The image of The Star is within this middle pile. It was sighted at the bottom of the pile. A sense of being on the right trail.

The cards further split into three piles and the pile on the right hand side chosen by instinct. Again, the pile containing The Star. Again the sense of being on the right trail.

Confirmation of life and sunlight. Of continued survival. Frustrating patterns of life for a child reminded of her true parentage whilst being forced to live in an adopted family. It cannot be easy for her. She is brought up with other children. Company of other European children. Other children gone missing from their families. She has the memory of a large white yacht which spent much time in a harbour. Hot sunshine. Travelling around small islands. Meeting with many foreign speaking people. Arabic white robes it seems. Introduced like a prize and a commodity. Though arabic people were present there were also white European Men. One in particular doing the bargaining. Plus an American too.

The sense of an error of judgement. She travelled to Uk by air not as freight. But dressed with black wig in the early hours. In a small plane. Under pursuit. Intelligence close to getting back. A blind eye by an influential man because it suited his cause for her still to be 'missing'.

OTHER CHILDREN MISSING FROM THEIR FAMILIES. He sees her with other abductee's. Who? I never really, in my heart, held out much hope for Joanna, because I never really saw any connection, despite the small distance between them. I always saw madeleine's abduction as unique, because of who and what I think she represents. Now, though, I am not so sure. Not about my core beliefs, but Joanna's chances. I am still doubtfull, but not perhaps as doubtfull as I once was.
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