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BoomeranGINA is At It Again!/Yeah And Again (and again) LOL

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BoomeranGINA is At It Again!/Yeah And Again (and again) LOL

Post by Rosie on Mon May 12, 2008 1:53 pm

Doesn't that daft bat ever shut up?

And I thought she had left these blogs "for Good!"

She is now crawling to Vivvy kissing her feet. Then she says she is off to the States for a few months and that is was a rush job, hers son booked and paid for the flights online. Oh she MAY be able to look in 'cos her son has loads of computers in the house.

So she is off to the States at a moments notice for months? No planning? No nothing? believe that and you will believe anything, she is scared of what is going to happen on that blog, but she has left herself a little get out clause, if she gets withdrawal symptoms from not get any bile and venom, she can look in lol!

apparently we delete her because we do not agree with her?

Gina you are such a bloody liar, a bare faced liar, you get deleted because you go onto blogs and turn them all into about you. Gina gina gina

And then you leave and comeback, leave and come back, leave and come back, you must have left the Dx and these blogs about a 1000 times by now.
You are a joke woman, get a grip of yourself and enjoy the Spanish summer.

And dont forget to get back to retARDI about her net curtains, she doesn't want to wait until July for the answer, when you get back from pretend USA, with your pretend friend Bee. I hope you haven't got a pretend passport.

Gina said...
Hi Viv, I take your point, and I am also glad that I can from time to time disagree without being deleted as is the case on the manipulators blog:-)

LGC I did consider abduction by aliens but dismissed it because they usually beam you up rather than climb out of the window. However if these aliens have no facial features I may have to reconsider it following the description of eggman.

Atardi I am still having a think about the net curtains, long time since I had any, will get back to you if I remember what is good

Sunday, 11 May 2008 22:08:00 o'clock BST

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no way
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