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Listed...Gerry and Kates phone call records for 3rd and 4th of may 2007.

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Listed...Gerry and Kates phone call records for 3rd and 4th of may 2007.

Post by clairesy on Thu Oct 09, 2008 7:50 pm

I robbed these from another forum.NOt sure where they got them from because they havent posted the link to the source of info.

But when k&g phone records were spoken of in the past i remember there being loads of questions which contradicted them and tried to indicate they were up to something.IMO these phone records show how desperate they were/calling everyone they could.The exact same way I would if my daughter(god forbid) were to be abducted.The question marks???they indicate a cal that the pj haven't been able to track.That doesn't mean it is suspicious. From looking at the other calls I think its clear that they were just calling around all they knew back at home.family and....friends.Theres a clear pattern there....and its one that shows a desperate couple calling around al their loved ones and informing them of the terrible situation they are in.

Kate's Mobile:

Rec: 25 Apr 18.28 Mum&Dad
Dial: 26 Apr 12.20 Geetisha&Sac
Dial: 26 Apr 12.47 ?
Rec: 26 Apr 09.14 ?
Rec: 26 Apr 10.54 ?
Dial: 26 Apr 13.14 Gerry
Dial: 26 Apr 16.47 Kennedys
Dial: 26 Apr 16.53 Amanda Mob
Dial: 27 Apr 13.13 Laurels
Dial: 27 Apr 16.35 Parkers
Rec: 27 Apr 17.26 Gerry
Rec: 02 May 11.22 ?
Rec: 03 May 23.17 Gerry
Dial: 04 May 00.45 Mum&Dad
Rec: 04 May 01.02 ?
Rec: 04 May 02.39 Lynda and Mark
Dial: 04 May 02.27 ?
Dial: 04 May 03.09 ?
Rec: 04 May 03.29 Jon
Dial: 04 May 06.05 Amanda home
Rec: 04 May 07.48 ?
Dial: 04 May 08.31 Michelle&Jon
Dial: 04 May 08.31 Michelle Mob
Dial: 04 May 08.45 ?
Dial: 04 May 08.52 Jon Mob
Rec: 04 May 09.33 Michelle&Jon
Dial: 04 May 08.56 Nula
Rec: 04 May 09.33 Michelle@Jon
Rec: 04 May 09.45 Fiona&Richar
Rec: 04 May 10.06 ?
Dial: 04 May 10.20 Mum&Dad
Dial: 04 May 10.30 Fiona&Richar
Rec: 04 May 10.35 Geetisha Mob
Rec: 04 May 10.45 ?
Rec: 04 May 12.25 ?
Rec: 04 May 11.35 Anne&Michael
Dial: 04 May 12.16 901
Rec: 04 May 12.25 ?
Rec: 04 May 12.37 ?
Dial: 04 May 12.57 Gerry

Kate has a record of only one received call on her phone (name not listed) whilst on holiday before the disappearance.

One call FROM Gerry at 23.17

This list was made by the PJ on the 4th May sometime after 12.57pm.

Gerry's Mobile (all 4th May):

Dial: 00.03 Janet Kenn
Dial: 00.04 Trish Cameron
Dial: 00.04 Janet Kern
Dial: 00.19 Trish Cameron
Dial: 00.20 Phil McCann
Dial: 00.21 John McCann
Dial: 08.48 Angela Morado
Rec: 12.08 Private number
Rec: 12.55 Kate
Rec: 13.42 ?
Rec: 13.43 Private number
Rec: 13.46 Junior
Rec: 14.00 Phil McCann
Rec: 14.10 ?
Dial: 14.24 Brian Healy
Dial: 14.24 ?
Rec: 14.35 John McCann
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