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Couple saw bundle taken out to sea near where Madeleine disappeared, but police ignored them

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Couple saw bundle taken out to sea near where Madeleine disappeared, but police ignored them

Post by clairesy on Fri Aug 29, 2008 5:36 am

Last updated at 08:37 04 March 2008

A British couple saw a package being bundled onto a jetski on a beach just six miles from where Madeleine McCann went missing.

The tourists had been for a morning swim just nine hours after the little girl disappeared when they spotted the jetski.

A man in a dark wetsuit was riding it, with a 2ft- to 3ft-long black package on the front.

He took it to a small "official-looking" grey boat moored just off the coast at Salema.

But despite reporting the sighting to staff at the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz - where Madeleine had been staying - police have not interviewed the couple.

Last night the McCanns' spokesman said they were concerned the Portuguese police had not followed up such a "potentially significant lead".

The new witnesses came forward after months of concern that the report had not been investigated by police hunting for the four-year-old.

The couple from south-west England, who did not want to be named, were visiting relatives Patrick Matthews, 37, and his wife Eliza, 25, in Salema, near Praia da Luz.

Mr Matthews said: "They were afraid to come forward but we know the police were informed of this, just days after, and yet we were not interviewed or even contacted."


NO surprises there then???...I remember reading about this at the time,but just read it whilst on line and thought i would post it here. Im hoping it wasn't madeleine be taken out to sea.however if there is a chance it was(which imo there is a chance) then it should have been investigated. Nothing like this should be ignored.

What puzzles me is this.........the pj by this time had it in their thick heads that madeleine was killed or died on accident at the appartments that night..they believed the mccanns were involved.They also believed she might have been dumped at sea.

So why wouldn't they investigate this claim?? It seems that the pj have failed to investigate not only leads that contradict their beliefs of madeleine's fate that night...........but also leads that might have supported their beliefs.

HOW BIZARRE!!! :scratch:

IMO the only reason a professional would ignore such information is becasue they are aware of the real truth. Sorry but thats the only conclusion i can come to.

They believed the mccanns dumped her so they ignore sightings of the child anywhere by anyone.....but why oh why would they be ignoring leads that could prove them right???Hmmmmmmmmmmmm they were desperate for leads to incriminate the mccanns...they were trying their hardest to pin the blame onto them.....they even lied about DNA being from Madeleine's body so as to try and corner gerry into a confession. Doesn't make sense that they would not run like hell to this spot where this package was driven out to sea and search their backsides of for her body so as to hang the mccanns with,.

You see looking at this logically..................they had to go one way......................they had to make a decision on which to base their investigation..............but IMO they seem to have not done that...........they niether followlow them to find her dead either????

IMO they failed because they wanted to fail.

WHY? :scratch: :scratch:
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