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Is Madeleine Mccann Abducted To Belgium?

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Is Madeleine Mccann Abducted To Belgium?

Post by clairesy on Mon Aug 18, 2008 9:21 am

September 18, 2007
Is Madeleine Mccann Abducted To Belgium?

It seems likely that whoever abducted Madeleine McCann would have removed her from Portugal. The most likely destination for her to be taken would be where the best price would be paid for an abducted child, and that, within Europe, would suggest Belgium, where child abuse is big business.

Also there has been a good potential sighting of Madeleine there. Click the link 'Belgium' to read the details. And click on the picture to expand.

The problem is that however bad the Portuguese Police are, the Belgian Police are even less willing to tackle paedophile child abductors.

Anyone who doubts the seriousness of losing an abducted child into Belgium should look around Brussels at the extraordinary numbers of missing children notices, at many tram stops and stations across the City.

Welcome to the paedophile capital of the EU, where children disappear, and the government does nothing.


These events produced great agitation among the Belgium populace. Many concluded that the police could not be so stupid as to miss so many opportunities to detect Dutroux' activities and arrest him. They concluded that a massive protection operation had been in place to protect politicians, officials in high places, and the child sexual abuse ring. They also believed that the government, police and courts were currently involved in a hush-up. Many public demonstrations were held.


The Portuguese Police, instead of doing their job properly, are determined to bury the McCann case by playing politics and accusing the McCanns. As I've written in post below 'Portuguese Paedophiles Operate Unchecked By Police', their record on preventing paedophile abduction is about the same as Belgium's.

(any Brits reading this should be wondering if we really want to sign the EU Constitution and be subject to European criminal law, which allows prosecutions to take place without the need to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt. It is up to the accused to prove their innocence, which is not assumed. Prosecutors need only show guilt on a balance of probabilities. As Police are well known for their skills manufacturing false evidence, what chance does anyone have without even a jury? The McCanns are forced to fight politically to establish their innocence. The criminal justice system in the EU is misnamed. It should be called the Criminally Unjust System - or maybe The Paedophiles' Charter. The relationship between European Police and organised criminals described in the above links, is highly suspect)



This report was posted in 07...before the news about latest sightings in the Belgium area. Im not sure whether madeleine as been taken to Belgium..but it seems possible, however i would imagine she is still in the Portugal area, possibly ignored and allowed to be lost deeper and deeper into a world of sleaze caused, handled and ignored by some of the most higher senior of people??Ive always thought that there is a connection with the casa pia case and the madeleine case...also little joana. I don't feel madeleine has been killed ...nor do i think she was taken by a odd ball on a mad spare of the moment thing.I think possibly that a certain man was also involved and that he was aided by someone high up..I think when this comes out the whole world will be gobsmacked.

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