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2 more sightings in amsterdam

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2 more sightings in amsterdam

Post by clairesy on Fri Aug 08, 2008 11:19 am

One sighting at an airport of a child looking like Madeleine crying alone in the restaurant.

Another sighting of a child about 3 years looking pale and sad with a woman loading things into a Renault senic.

Not much on these reports yet ,seems they have only just come out??



If you cant get onto these report(which are very little) you need to click the pics on the right of the screen.

The both reports give every little in detail.Infact im wondering if they are even credible at all.Seems Lots of little girls around Madeleine's age might resemble her at a first glance.If someone said they spotted her in ..urmmm lets say Liverpool or London...then no doubt lots of reports would come flooding in that others have also seen a child around the same hight and age etc etc. I think a lot of what we are hearing here is reported sightings from the early days when cops were inundated with calls from all over the world. I would hope any real important evidence is being followed up discreetly and privately by detectives working on the case.
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Post by dianeh on Fri Aug 08, 2008 2:57 pm

IMO, none of these reports are any more credible than the next.

Until I hear from the McCanns that one of these sightings was Madeleine, I am just going to largely ignore them from now on.

I do think that the people making the sightings are genuine and that they are just mistaken in who they have seen, or spoken to. But they clearly cannot all be correct, and in fact none of them maybe correct. Or maybe one of these sightings really was Madeleine.

We will know at some point. I now understand the statements by Kate and Gerry many months ago where they said they dont react or even hope when they hear of a sighting, as it is too draining. I feel that way now, and it is not my daughter.

I will also say that none of the sighting reported so far (since the files release) 'feels' right to me. I didnt even get excited by the shop one in Amsterdam, because I really just cant get past the little girl calling herself Maddie. Although not impossible, I doubt it is Madeleine. But with little kids, you cant tell. My daughter refers to herself by her whole name most of the time and will give me an earful if I shorten her name. But sometimes I will ask whether she has done something (susually naughty) and she says no, Bree did it. And that is the shortened version of her name. She will be four in October, so only just a little bit younger than Madeleine was when she was abducted.

No, there is nothing that comes out yet that makes me think that they are even close to Madeleine. I am far more interested in what the PJ did or didnt do. And in some of the more bizarre sightings such as Gerry carrying Madeleine away, Kate being sighted with Madeleine is a number of places after she was abducted. Just crazy ridiculous stories, that we are all pleased to see the PJ didnt take seriously. And it looks like what I was saying before about witnesses and Murat. People came forward to say they had seen Kate, when it clearly wasnt her because the person they saw looked like Kate and they knew Kate from the tv. Same as with Murat. And I suspect the same with Madeleine, it looked like her, so they think it is her. And nothing wrong with that really, as better to report it, than to miss the opportunity.
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