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Correo da Manure changes its Tune

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Correo da Manure changes its Tune

Post by christabel on Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:23 am

:banghead: They are so worried about the cost of looking for Madeleine :roll:

06 August 2008 - 14.30

Prosecutor admits murder
The Public Ministry (MP) admits that Madeleine was dead, discard the theory of abduction, but does not believe that the couple McCann is involved in the death of their daughter. In order of filing, the prosecutor Magellan and Menezes said that Kate and Gerry have been negligent, but dropped the crime of abandonment and closed the investigation with the critical work of the Judicial Police (PJ).

'Researchers are aware that their work is not without flaws. They worked with huge margin of error and what is achieved very little in terms of conclusive results ", writes the judge, considering that the outcome of the investigation does not allow 'a man average formulate any conclusion lucid, sensible, serious and honest" about the disappearance of Madeleine McCann.
. Jose de Magalhaes and Menezes took as having 'high degree of probability the discovery of a murder' - vai further than Gonçalo Amaral, who always spoke in accidental death - but does not believe in the involvement of McCann, whereas always expressed a normal behaviour .

Moreover, the prosecutor alleges that McCann did not have time or means to hide the body, recalling that on the night of May 3, 2007, the couple was a few days ago in Portugal and his routine limited to the confines of the resort Ocean Club: 'Unaware the surrounding land and, in addition to English friends, had no contacts in Portugal. "

The prosecutor, however, shows no other justification for the disappearance of the girl, because after concluding that "not vislumbraram any indication of the consistent implementation of abduction '- defended by McCann.

Despite 'exempt' the couple, the MP drew up a list of issues still to be explained, including why the procedures for monitoring the minors, from McCann and friends, have changed that night and how the twins not agreed in the midst of confusion - after Kate has given the warning to the disappearance of her daughter. About the formation of McCann as defendants says is legal and legitimate and in relation to the case concludes that the 'disappearance of Maddie is a case of real life'.


The hundreds of medico-legal expertise in research conducted the disappearance of Madeleine cost thousands of euros to the State. Only in the last volume of the process, there are five bills related to DNA tests and analyses of biological traces collected, above all to twenty thousand euros.

In total, are at least 145 thousand euros spent on medico-legal expertise, held in Portugal and England.

In the British laboratory, the result of the tests were corrected and were not conclusive.


The Portuguese lawyer for McCann, Rogerio Alves, is examining the case to decide whether to require the reopening of the case of the disappearance of Madeleine.

'I am reviewing the process to see if it is worth giving some impetus procedural, that is, request the opening of offices or move to a superior public prosecutor', Rogerio Alves said yesterday in Portimao.

The deadline for requesting the investigation in this case ends on September 20


Correio da Manhã . Morning Post - 0 prosecutor admits that Madeleine was dead but closes the case.

This outcome is a result of the pressures that always has complained about?

Gonçalo Amaral - I maintain that there is strong evidence. The interpretation and evaluation in the light of law depends on the person who does. In other prosecutors admit that there could be another decision.

Do you think that there was insufficient evidence to substantiate an accusation?

When I went out research there sufficient evidence of concealment of corpses, simulation of crime and possible abandonment.

There is no doubt that there is concealment of corpses.

The prosecutor himself talks about killing us and we were not that far.

The prosecutor says that researchers are not free from imperfections ...

Neither the researchers nor the prosecutors. We are monitored and always worked within the scope of prosecutors.

All we did was with his knowledge and consent.


443 searches were conducted research in the case of Madeleine.

300-inch í stances of various security forces were deployed in the first days.

130 elements of the Judicial Police were deployed for research.

700 witnesses were heard, 112 of which employees of the resort.

2000 dilig ê references were counted by the prosecutor.

3 persons were made accused: Robert Murat and the parents of Madeleine.

CASUALTY: The former coordinator of research, Gonçalo Amaral, believes the girl died accidentally in the apartment, the night of May 3, and that parents concealed the body.

Ana Luísa Nascimento Ana Luisa Birth



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Re: Correo da Manure changes its Tune

Post by Rosie on Thu Aug 07, 2008 4:45 am

'Researchers are aware that their work is not without flaws.

This has to be the understatement of the century! :club:

no way
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Correio de manure

Post by tulip on Thu Aug 07, 2008 5:20 am

What I think is very revealing is that we have here, printed one above the other, the opinion of the prosecutors: that Madeleine was murdered but not by her parents, and the opinion of Amaral: that Madeleine died accidentally at the hands of her parents.
We know whose opinion counted.

I just hope that Madeleine was NOT murdered and will be found. I still think it is possible.

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Post by dianeh on Thu Aug 07, 2008 9:43 am

Funny that they think Madeleine has been killed (or murdered) but there is no evidence of death. A very strange comment considering the overwhelming lack of evidence that she was killed.

IMO it is a correct assumption that she may have been killed after she was abducted, but that is still an abduction. If she wasnt abducted, where is the body. Madeleine was clearly missing from the apartment and no evidence of death. Therefore she was abducted by a person or persons unknown.

I say it is time for a British coroner's inquest to be done to determine if there is legally a supposition of death. This could be done now, they have the evidence, and Madeleine is a ward of the court, so they will have jurisdiction.

I think they will find there is no evidence that she died, and therefore will classified as missing.
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Post by tulip on Thu Aug 07, 2008 10:06 am

My take on the prosecutor's statement was that Madeleine was murdered -- possibly right there in the apartment, possibly elsewhere -- but not by the parents. That at least discredits Amaral!

Don't you think that the prosecutor was possibly covering two bases: killed in flat by abductor and body removed; or killed later by abductor? It was significant that he ruled the McCanns out of any scenario, and that he didn't seem to consider the possibility of her being taken by a 'ring' of some kind. He might have thought that if the latter were the case, she would now be dead, but that is quite an assumption to make in formal document of record.

So no, I can't see how he can say so definitely that it was murder in the absence of a body or conclusive cadaver evidence. I agree that a British coroner would be likely to find her 'missing'. It is to me inconceivable they could make any other finding -- in the UK. In Portugal, who knows. I can't identify with the way they do things.

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Re: Correo da Manure changes its Tune

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