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PJ warns Englishmen that donīt want to see investigation in the newspaper

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PJ warns Englishmen that donīt want to see investigation in the newspaper

Post by Pedro Silva on Mon Mar 03, 2014 8:43 pm

My friends, this was taken from i newspaper:


PJ warns Englishmen that donīt want to see investigation in the newspapers.

The PJ inspectors state that the " international cooperation there is no room for states of mind "

Different communication strategies between the Portuguese and British authorities in the Madeleine case are bothering PJ . The discomfort went so far athat PJ have warned Metropolitan Police that refuses to do investigation through newspapers . Since the British police decided to investigate on their own the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, the British press began to publish frequently about the ongoing efforts . Much of this news turned out to be unfounded , diverging from the possibility of cooperation with the PJ . At issue is the fact that the two police forces have different lines of investigation and also communication policies are opposite , confirmed to i some inspectors , who preferred to remain anonymous .

According to knowledgeable sources in the process, the PJ have already informed the British counterparts that " wants to continue to do his investigation on the process and not in the newspapers ." A caution to make it clear they do not want the English police sources speak out about alleged facts of the Portuguese investigation . Because, they say , is something that the British did not know . In Portugal there is an ongoing investigation conducted by a team from Oporto, but are elements of the PJ of Portimão who have responded to letters rogatory sent by the British, ie , applications for aid for investigation from London .

The strategy of the Portuguese - not to make public information about their investigation - was already known to the British, but some reports citing anonymous sources have forced the Metropolitan Police this notice . " The PJ will continue with the necessary discretion , which is aware of its British counterpart . The media is out of our equation during the investigation . And it was never said that there is suspicious because there is nothing strong enough ," explained the police source .

Yet last week a report was published in Portugal realizing that the English had received from a secret dossier of PJ about burglars who lived in the Algarve and that might have even committed crimes against children. To i , the same source ensures that this information is false : " . Was not any secret dossier delivered to the Metropolitan Police" Another next element of the process explained , however, that what the British called secret dossier can not pass the list of people joined who lived near the Praia da Luz and that PJ sent in fulfilling a letter rogatory .

In recent months , the British media reported every suspicious Scotland Yard published the robot portraits police - hi revealed that they were made by detectives ultimately paid by the parents of the child - and brought the audience to send the three letters rogatory of English investigators before the Portuguese authorities become aware of these requests for international assistance .

That was not filmed in Portugal - - ​​and broadcast in England, Germany and the Netherlands a reconstruction of the night of the crime was taken . After the " thousands of clues " that the Metropolitan Police told the media he had received following the issue of television programs , the strategy remains the tracking of mobile phones that were near the Ocean Club resort on the night of May 3, 2007 , the day the child disappeared .

For the elements of PJ contacted by i , these behaviors will not affect cooperation between the two police forces . " The rogatory will be fulfilled in the most committed as possible because in international cooperation there is no room for states of mind ," concluded the source of PJ .

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