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child pornography - PJ want database with images of the victims

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child pornography - PJ want database with images of the victims

Post by Pedro Silva on Sat Oct 05, 2013 3:43 am

My friends, this was taken from Diário de Notícias newspaper:


child pornography

PJ want database with images of the victims

Chief Inspector of Investigation Brigade of the Judicial Police of Child Pornography Jorge Duque defended today the creation of a national database with images of abused children to allow more effective cooperation with Interpol .

"It is difficult to investigate in a global level without a national database ," said Jorge Duque , explaining that this tool would allow whether the victim and abuser are already known , the date on which the facts occurred and the age of the victim .

" Each country has to do its job and deliver those images in the database of Interpol so that the police did not disperse while investigate " situations already identified and focussed on the images in which the victims are not identified , sustained Jorge Duque in a conference about "Children and the Internet - safe use , abuse and denunciation ."

For the chief inspector of the PJ , this database would allow a " investigation much more solid " and " a accusation much stronger ."

mentioning the 2011 data from the international police about this crime , noted that Portugal does not appear in reports , considering the fact that " worrying " .

" Something is failing on the information that is transmitted to Interpol , which is only possible with a database ," he said .

The chief inspector of the PJ also stressed the importance of a rapid dissemination of Traffic Data for investigation : " Do not prevent , investigate and does not exonerate a citizen without the data of " electronic communications .

" The access to the crime scene is not only forbidden by circumstances inherent to the source of communication with relevant criminal (home, business , Internet cafe , street) as the delay inherent in the bureaucratic circuit in obtaining the data ," explained .

To prevent child pornography , the official said it should be increased efforts to identify victims and ensure that they receive the care , support and protection required .

Should also reinforced "efforts in the investigation and prosecution of child abuse online " and raise public awareness about " the risks posed by the activities of children on the Internet , including the production of images by the children themselves ."

The Attorney General's Office today released a brochure , in addition to " draw attention " to all the precautions in the use of Internet and technological means , advises children and young victims of crime to complain and ask for help to prosecutors and the criminal police .

" They make many disclosures and sensitization regarding the care to be taken when using the Internet , and still good, but there is this perspective of the criminal side and side protection of the judiciary and police officers who felt it important to disclose ," said the attorney General of the Republic , Joana Marques Vidal .

It also stressed that " risks have always existed " but have increased because " the use of technological means , the Internet and mobile phones is now much more intensive ."

To the Attorney General of the Republic , " the prosecutor has a clear responsibility to raise awareness and call attention to children's rights and how they can protect themselves in more formal terms ."

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