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child abductions update

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child abductions update

Post by Pedro Silva on Mon Aug 19, 2013 1:07 am

My friends, take a look at this issue:










How does a pedophile think? What goes in the head of 13 sex offenders

Rosa Ramos, Posted on November 21, 2009

Portuguese researchers found that the brains of pedophiles works differently

The brain of a pedophile is not different from the others, but the way the various regions communicate with each other presents some singularities. The conclusion is a study of a group of Portuguese researchers, finished just over two weeks.

In January this year, Luís Maia, a professor at the University of Beira Interior (UBI) and Ph.D. in clinical neuropsychology, joined five inspectors of the Judicial Police (PJ). Gave them training and, months later, they were studying the brains of 13 pedophiles, held at the Prison Guard.

After months and months spent in personal interviews with prisoners, neuropsychological and imaging studies, the researchers concluded that the neurological point of view, the brains of pedophiles is not different from healthy people said. However, there are changes in the functional point of view, especially in the areas pre - forebrain, which show deficits. Swapping for kids: the head of a man who sexually abuses children is equal to all others and has no physical changes, but the way the various areas of the brain communicate with each other is different. "Especially in the pre-frontal", explains Luis Maia, teacher, neuropsychologist and thesis advisor "Case studies of Portuguese pedophiles in light of neuro-psychology."

The activity of the prefrontal brain - than in the case of pedophiles is poor - is linked to emotional regulation. The emotions and irrational impulses leave the limbic system and are caught in the prefrontal - responsible for the adequacy of the individual to the social norms.

"It is the area of ​​the brain that is traditionally identified as crucial in moral learning", explains the researcher. Ie, the pedophiles emotion prevails over reason.

The tests for prisoners not only showed changes in this area as revealed difficulties in decision-making and social reasoning. "They have a personality disorder and antisocial disorder of attention and present a picture of anxiety disorders and the level of social behavior," explains Luis Maia.

How do you think a pedophile? Pedophiles are generally, hyperactive ("seem to have boundless energy and is directed haphazardly"), have no ability to plan and suffer from perseveration ("continuous and persistent repetition of an idea or purpose") at the time to achieve their ends. "They have a profile impulsive, difficulty in predicting the consequences of their actions, to realize that we need to respect each other," explains Luis Maia. The perception that pedophiles have the "other" is a mere object of satisfaction. "And do not think about the consequences that their wishes may have in others and in themselves," adds the researcher. Furthermore, they are mostly men and anti-social, that "come the other as someone far away."

Changes in the prefrontal region of the brain may lead to two different types of behavior. Pseudodepression or falls into, a frame in which there is apathy, lack of pulses, indifference, lack of motivation and reduction of speech. Or suffer from pseudopsicopatia with great sexual disinhibition, agitation, impulsiveness, irritability and change in social judgment. "Pedophiles, like psychopaths, are part of this latter group", explains the researcher.

In prison for 14 Guard arrested for sexual abuse. "We had some fear in the approach, because we knew that sexual offenders, in prisons, living on the margins of other inmates, that put aside," admits Luís Maia. However, 13 of them - almost all between 30 and 40 years - agreed to participate in the study, that is, from the outset, innovative "when crossing neuropsychological data with imaging data." But research had another peculiarity: "It is the first time that a group of prisoners released from prison to participate in scientific research and to make examinations in private clinics," notes Luis Maia. The first phase of the study took place behind bars. The 13 inmates underwent neuropsychological investigations that sought to test the mental arithmetic, reading ability, attention, memory and concentration. "Always from the perspective of problem solving, to study the prefrontal lobe," explains thesis advisor.

After applying the questionnaires - a task that fell to the PJ inspectors, the second phase took place in an imaging center, where inmates were undergoing an MRI to the skull, "to see if had any neurological deficit that could be associated with behaviors they had. "

lack of attention and concentration "If asking a pedophile to get up from the chair with an A4 sheet folded in the hand and put in a table, it does not just fold it in half, fold it until you can not fold it more ", exemplifies Luís Maia, to illustrate the thinking of a sexual abuser of children. What happens - and tests have shown it - is that the pedophile "can not plan activities that are proposed and focuses only on the ultimate goal, losing the way," he explains. In addition, the researcher believes that the problems of attention and concentration detected during the resolution of problems "can be a predictor of potential sex offenders." In tests they have undergone, the inmates showed difficulty in exercises such as the appointment of words and issues of memory, attention and impulse control. "Not planned activities before the start and showed loss of initiative in some of the exercises."

Born as a pedophile According to the American Psychiatric Association, pedophilia is a paraphilia (an abnormality or perversion of sexuality). Therefore considers Luís Maia, "is a mental illness." But how is born a pedophile? In this field researchers disagree, but there are aspects considered crucial in all studies. "If an individual have a greater propensity for aggression, for most traits personalist sexuality and present, is more likely," said Luís Maia.

To these predispositions joins education. "Most pedophiles has education too rigid or, conversely, too anarchic in terms of rules." As for the belief that those who fell victim becomes perpetrator of abuse, Luís Maia believes it is a myth. "It can happen, but having been abused is not a guaranteed passport to become author of abuses" he says.

However, the study became, under the guidance of Luís Maia, in Neuropsychology doctoral thesis in one of the inspectors: Pedro Pombo will present it at the University of Salamanca on December 8.

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