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the stupidity of júlia with her insane guests continues

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the stupidity of júlia with her insane guests continues

Post by Pedro Silva on Mon Jul 08, 2013 1:01 am

My friends, this was taken from júlia pinheiro talk-show:

Júlia pinheiro: the British authorities are officially re-opening the Madeleine McCann case, it seems that 38 suspects, and believe: the child is alive.

Journalist: The Scotland Yard says that in two years of work, identified 38 suspects, which can be involved in the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, 12 of those suspects are British, which were at the Algarve at the time of disappearance of the child, but, none of them are friend or known of the McCanns, the British police believes that it is in conditions of moving forward with an inquiry process autonomous and wants to move forward with a team of investigators in Portugal.

Mr. Redwood´s words.

Journalist: Between those diligencies if allowed, will be directed or made by PJ, the UK inspectors might only to assist, the evidences collected by the British in the last two years are in several files which are more than 1000 documents.

Mr. Redwood´s words.

Journalist: with this investigation, the Scotland Yard have spent 5000 million of pounds, or more than 5,800 millions of euros.

Júlia: let´s hope that UK police can spent this amount with all the children who disappears in England, which are many.

António, does this have some truth, do you understand any of this news?:

António: we cannot spend 5000 with this child, we can´t.

Júlia: that is important.

António: but, we can´t. and they cannot force us to do it. This news is cyclic: from 6 in 6 months, this news appears here, in this station. And the attempt is permanent: it is alive, let´s looking for her. They can be entertained wherever they want, but not here, we don´t have that money to spend, we have a lot more to do, the pj, which is a truly remarkable police, have to occupy of serious things , which she does, with efficiency, not this, because have tried and not found what the British wanted, in this moment, the British can look for the child wherever they want, they can be entertained every day, even in the whole world, they can do it, but not here, an we are talking of international judicial protection which demands cooperation, intervention of policemen from different nationalities, of different European countries, with a purpose: and no purpose here, because pj, like the Public PT ministry, have no doubts , no concern of this type, and have no need of opening new clues or investigation of criminal protection, so, the UK policemen cannot enter here hand in hand with the PT policemen, the PT policemen have, I think, more things to do.

Júlia: Oh António, I was talking about the fact of opening, about the request from UK police, to chec k again, to come to Portugal to do, more investigations, they can only do it together with PT policemen

António: but that is the formal issue: they can only do it, with PT policemen, in the sequence of re-opening of an internal inquiry

Júlia: in your opinion, there is no inquiry

António: there is no inquiry, there is no need of the re-opening of the inquiry, there is no convincing matter about the Public ministry, not even from PJ, which I don´t know why it is in Oporto, I don´t know why the competence was transferred to Oporto to do an investigation about this issue when the crime happened in Algarve, the facts are related with Algarve, which is a thing I don´t understand , or even closer to London, I have no idea, now, one thing is certain: the British, with all do respect about a partner of the European union, about also the competence of PJ, there are here judicial limits, they enter in the sequence of the re-opening of an internal criminal inquiry, where the PT authorities are equally convinced of the need of listening 38, 70 0r 90 persons, but, they are going to investigate 38 leads to

Júlia: not 38 leads, but, 38 suspects

António: suspects, but, suspects, I repeat, from 6 in 6 months, new 38 suspects, we are in this several years, that is enough, the true purpose is: people with the idea that the child is alive, probably every person would have the satisfaction of seeing the child alive, recovered, but, if dead, this is a nuisance, and we don´t have money to spend with this.

Júlia: Ana: what is your opinion about this issue.

Ana: the first time I heard this news, there were two things that made me concerned: when that happened, I was involved in the commission of protection, about the precautions parents should have about their sons:

1.parents who left a child, with 3, 4 years of age with twins, alone in a house, ok, a resort, but, the door was only closed, not locked, for me, this is strange,

I remember that at the time, when we talked about it, if we were involved, we would have called the parents, about their responsibility

Júlia: for someone who is in the commission of children´s or minor´s protection, it would have been a strange behavior

Ana: yes, of lack of care or concern of surveillance during night, also about their system of checkings, several parents checkings

2.worst than the others: the couple McCann instead of calling the first people to be contacted, wasn´t the police, it was the press. And nothing better than,

it was a thing that surprised us very much: nothing more than call the press, to spread dust, and everytime that comes a situation like this, I can only think that tit is important not to stain the image of the British citizens, it is important to discover the truth, I insist in this, and I would like to see Maddie being alive.

Júlia: we all would like to see it. Allow me to know something, since you were involved with the child´s commission: would it be reasonable, that when returned to England, the local commission of child´s protection called the McCanns about this issue, if it happened here in Portugal if the child was Portuguese? About those two children which stayed with the parents?

Ana: a bit of hesitation about the answer, yes, a, a, it exists in the law if it exists that sense of disregard or negligence, due to a principal issue: because there are two more sons, if it had a behavior of this type with a daughter, the other two sons might be in danger,

Júlia: might be in danger, and that didn´t happened, you antónio, any other comment?

Júlia: babies

António: they are too well-known, people were brought, there is no doubt about it, this aspect is very important: we are talking of a couple, who left minors, very young, in home, and goes to a party with other couples, probably, the other couples do the same, abandoned in their homes, this is an attitude, according PT law, it would have been censored, if they were PT couples, because, a, a, it is pure negligence, abandonment of children, no one leaves a child with three years of age alone at home, even with another child one year old or two, a parent in his right judgement, do it, , even more to go , if it was a need, an urgence, to go both to the hospital because, it was a party,

Júlia: to drink alcoholic drinks.

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