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Paulo Pereira Cristovao: 'Control system was not illegal'

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Paulo Pereira Cristovao: 'Control system was not illegal'

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun Mar 17, 2013 9:09 pm

My friends, this was taken from Record newspaper:


Paulo Pereira Cristovao: 'Control system was not illegal'


Paulo Pereira Cristovao, former vice president of Sporting, addressed in an interview with RTP Information charges that is the target of wanton privacy, among other processes, stressing that never acted illegally and denying the existence of any espionage network.

"This thing spy ... do not know how I had time to peek so many people. This is a club of virgins offended, but that has nothing virgin. Players are running least for this year and you know why? If count would brag myself. At the request of the people of football was asked to build a control system of our assets, that has nothing illegal. Spying is chase. Here was walking ahead, cutting the outset that a problem could be worse, "explained the former inspector of the Judicial Police.

"As vice have no right to know where the players live? Girlfriends? That nobody knew. We are talking about an information network for the entire Lisbon, which served to help players and their wives.'s A wealth of services to players and their families, "he continued.

"Case Cardinal"

Christopher Pereira also said that the opening of the "Cardinal case" aimed "to get my business." "They wanted to know the secrets of the company," he accused, denying, on the other hand, have diverted any euro Sporting: "Sporting have no money, so it's hard to divert him. When I came to the rescinded contract."

Former Vice Leo left also much criticism of the way the process has been conducted - "the guy who was there to deposit the money today is witness to the process" - and pointed the finger at the Judicial Police: "These crimes are not supported in the investigation or prosecution. never seen as persecutory accusation with character. A lot of people in PJ that does not forgive the fact that someone had success. "

Christopher stressed that Sporting will not suffer the consequences in this case. "Criminal liability is not transmitted by osmosis," he said, explaining why the club was not an assistant in the process: "It was with their interests protected."

Images in the corridors

The controversy of the images in the corridors of Alvaladefoi also addressed by Pereira Cristovao, who recalled the episode. "Sporting needed a rebellion. Was made a revolution in the resort, with a few sentences, because the players were afraid of playing in Alvalade. We put pictures in the hallway of exaltation, confronting players with this warrior spirit. On the other side were inserted images supporters. vai Until there a parrot island and taking pictures. come up to bad faith, to say that a kid was doing a Nazi salute. Mr. UEFA told me to cut here and there. And I answered that we send in Alvalade. At the end of hours on the phone said he would do his will and put the images of flowers. was an act of rebellion Sporting, which should happen more often. "


Christopher Pereira said that will not vote for any of the three presidential candidates and explained why. "I do not want to be complicit in a coup," shot, adding: "The president of Sporting has to be someone who has money or credit."

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