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Drama of the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch is in theaters

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Drama of the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch is in theaters

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun Mar 10, 2013 10:23 am

My friends, this was taken from DW newspaper:


Drama of the kidnapping of Natascha Kampusch is in theaters

Young Austrian drew the world's attention when he did, after eight years away from her kidnapper. After turning book, the shocking story of a lost childhood is in theaters.
The opening scene of 3096 Days shows a banal discussion between mother and daughter. Natascha, 10 years, slams the door and leaves the house toward school. The mother reaches out to the balcony, hoping to say a few words of reconciliation, but the girl was gone.
A few minutes later, Natascha crosses Wolfgang Priklopil and sees his destiny change. Try to scream but is dragged into the white van man, who takes off sprinting. The kidnapping was not a spontaneous act. Priklopil, technical communication unemployed, had planned the action. At his home in suburban Vienna, had built a small room in the basement to hold the girl - in theory forever.
The only access to the room was through a small tunnel, whose door was blocked by a huge safe.Priklopil lived alone. The few visits that were received from the mother, who brought her food.
Police searched Natascha for weeks. Two police officers visited the house until Priklopil, since his truck matched the description of the vehicle they were looking for. But he did not raise suspicion, despite not having an alibi.
Production had trouble finding an actor to play Wolfgang Priklopil
Difficult roles
What began on March 2, 1998 near Vienna became one of the most famous cases of kidnapping of history - and not surprisingly, has turned movie. The case is Austrian but German producers were, Bernd Eichinger and Martin Moszkowicz, who bought the rights to the story. Eichinger convinced the American director Sherry Hormann ( Flower of the Desert, 2009 ) to take on the difficult project.
Begin was a challenge, since many actors Austrians and Germans had reservations about the film."Several actors refused the role of Wolfgang Priklopil without even reading the script," says Hormann."If they have no problems in playing Nazis, murderers or pedophiles, so why not play someone like him?"
The filmmaker has finally found his cast in the UK and Denmark. The English actress Amelia Natascha Pidgeon plays as a child, and Antonia Campbell-Hughes makes a teenager with a combination of weak and strong will.
For Campbell-Hughes, 3096 Day was a unique challenge: "I saw someone who managed to survive with a powerful sense of willpower and courage. Sometimes I got depressed and struggled with my feelings because everything was so complex."
Survival strategies
The Danish actor Thure Lindhardt portrays Wolfgang Priklopil not like an insane person, but as someone who suffered from the so-called borderline personality disorder (BPD) and who committed acts of violence and humiliation in different variants.
Priklopil behaves brutal and obsessive when it hits Natascha, shaving your hair or let the girl days without eating. Still, Lindhart sees in him a man who is a victim of their own circumstances.
Much of the film takes place in the basement where Natascha lived
"He had a very possessive mother and was not a normal person," said the actor. "For me, the story is not just about power but also about love - especially the lack thereof. Persons not receiving love can begin to abuse their power to get it."
The film has not been scheduled debut in Brazil, was made in English and most of it takes place in a small space. Nevertheless, the director managed to use the potential of claustrophobic scenes in the basement to achieve a psychological depth.
In captivity, Natascha intuitively developed survival strategies and even played at school. She put on a dress that represented two chairs and pretend to teach students. In another prank, she was on a television program where he wondered how the kidnapper escape. Or Priklopil asked if he was lonely "up there."
Natascha creates a distance between her and the traumas that experience - even constantly being pushed back to reality. Day 3096 is a real drama, but when both celebrate birthdays or Christmases together, and Priklopil capture video as Natascha opens her gifts or help in reforming the roof, the film earns almost surreal elements.
Telling her story
Today, at age 26, Natascha talked about their experiences in interviews and even got to present a television program. Along with the authors Heike Gronemaier and Corinna Milborn, she published her autobiography in 2010 entitled also Day 3096 . The book was the basis for the film Hormann. The first version of the screenplay was written by Eichinger - who died in January 2011 - and concluded by Ruth Thoma.
The director Sherry Hormann wanted to give psychological depth to the film
From the beginning, Natascha made clear that his story could not be told with complete accuracy, but it was important to her that the film convey their feelings. She said she was pleased with the outcome.
"(The film) reminded me as I stared at my kidnapping," she said through distributor Constantin Film. "As I tried to build my little home, painting a closet in the wall, a doorknob or a mailbox, so I could feel at home."
The most striking scenes of the film are the first times she leaves the captive. The slow-motion capture as she watches the people in the street and evaluates how it can help. So Priklopil handle in his hand and says, "do not even think about it."
It was in the bathroom of a ski resort that Natascha finally managed to ask for help, but the woman, Polish, spoke no German. Then, after 3096 days, Natascha finally manages to escape, while the kidnapper was busy washing his van. Hours later, Wolfgang Priklopil threw himself in front of a train.

Author: Bernd Sobolla (but)
Revision: Rafael Plaisant Roldão

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