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Rui Pedro update

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Rui Pedro update

Post by Pedro Silva on Sat Feb 02, 2013 7:58 am

My friends, this was taken from Correio da Manhã newspaper:


Child of Lousada missing in 1998

Rui Pedro: Allegations of appeal on Wednesday

The Court of Appeal of Porto scored for the February 6, Wednesday, claims the appeal by prosecutors and lawyers for the family of Rui Pedro, the child of Lousada missing since 1998.

Lawyer Ricardo Sá Fernandes, representing the family, on Friday, told Lusa that will sustain the judgment of first instance "was intoxicated" by statements of the first inspectors of the Judicial Police (PJ) to investigate the disappearance.

The lawyer argues that the acquittal of Afonso Dias, the man accused of the abduction of Rui Pedro, turned out to be a consequence of the fact that the inspectors have, in court, "considered not credible" the testimony of a prostitute, who secured have seen him in Lustosa, Lousada, in the day of the disappearance, the minor entered into the car of the accused. "We believe that the evidence was misjudged" claims.

Ricardo Sá Fernandes told Lusa that the statements of the first brigade inspectors were "not credible", claiming that one of them has recently been "condemned by PJ lied about it."

However, the lawyer, was produced sufficient evidence in court Lousada so that Oporto, under appeal, order the accused for the crime of kidnapping.

Should this not occur, the parents of Rui Pedro, assistants in the process, they hope to order partial or total repetition of the trial of first instance, considering what happened to the testimony of the PJ inspectors.

On February 22, 2012, the court acquitted the defendant of Afonso Dias about the abduction of Rui Pedro for "lack of evidence".

In the collective judgment concluded that it is not proved, on hearing that the defendant has taken the lesser of 11 years, to an encounter with a prostitute.

The court based its decision on the "weaknesses" and "lack of consistency" of the testimony of the prostitute Alcina Dias, who, at the trial, which had been guaranteed that she was with the minor, taken by Afonso Dias, on March 4, 1998 .

Prosecutors and the child's parents held since the beginning of the process, which was after that meeting that gave the disappearance of Rui Pedro.

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