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it will be forced to pay 40 thousand euros in compensation

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it will be forced to pay 40 thousand euros in compensation

Post by Pedro Silva on Thu Jan 31, 2013 7:41 am

My friends, this was taken from Correio da Manhã newspaper:


it will be forced pay 40 thousand euros in compensation

Sentenced to 19 years for 7200 crimes of pedophilia

The man accused of more than 7200 crimes of sexual abuse of children and more than 156 thousand of child pornography was sentenced by the court to 19 years in prison.

The court also determined the payment of 40 thousand euros in compensation to victims' families.

The reading of the judgment in the case of man accused of more than 7,200 crimes of sexual abuse of children, and more than 156 thousand of child pornography, criminal courts held in Lisbon, having been given as proven all facts presented by the prosecution.

Initially scheduled for January 18, the reading was postponed to this Wednesday, at 13.30, at 2. Nd Criminal Court of Lisbon, Campus of Justice, by the collective of judges have not finished the judgment on schedule, according to a order of the court to which the agency Lusa had access at the time.

The trial took place behind closed doors by the collective decision of judges chaired by Clarisse Gonçalves, given the nature of sexual crimes. A reading of the judgment, however, as required by law, was the open door.

Judicial source told Lusa that, in closing argument, the prosecutor asked for 22 years in prison, since, for the prosecutor, have been proven all facts contained in the indictment.

On occasion, the same source added that for the first time, the defendant spoke during the trial, to take on the crimes, show repentance and apologize to victims.

The computer, 53, a resident at Benfica, Lisbon, was tried for crimes committed on six children: three boys and three girls.

The alleged pedophile was charged with 7219 offenses aggravated sexual abuse of children, 156,025 crimes of child pornography - recorded on CD and disks of computers - and of 1,401 crimes of illicit recordings and photos.

The man is suspected of between 2007 and 2011, have committed acts of sexual nature, masturbation and sex with minors, aged between three and 12 years.

The accused shall filmed sexual intercourse, having your computer hundreds of pornographic images involving minors. It is also accused of having transferred these images and movies in a web page, allowing access to third parties.

The suspect took advantage allegedly neighborly relations and trust with minor to commit these crimes.

The man had a collection of thousands of files with minors and sexual abuse, material that was seized.

The accused is in custody and the dozens of crimes of aggravated sexual abuse of children, was accused for the commission of crimes of hundreds of illegal recordings and photographs, and thousands of crimes of aggravated child pornography.

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