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Lover confirms abuse of girls and blames cable of GNR

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Lover confirms abuse of girls and blames cable of GNR

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:28 pm

My friends, this was taken from Jornal de Notícias newspaper:


Lover confirms abuse of girls and blames cable of GNR

Military GNR arrested by PJ is already in custody

"He told me he walked threatened by the police." Sitting at the front door, down the street from the restaurant where works woman arrested yesterday on suspicion of crimes of sexual abuse of minors in co-authored with a cable GNR of Idanha-a-Nova, the resident does not hesitate to defend the accused. "The girl has dated a son of mine and I know that is a good person," he continued.

Arrests made by the Judicial Police only confirmed the rumors on town known since two months ago. The victims will be four and one of them will have begun to be abused at age eight.

To believe this testimony, the defendant, 30-year-old divorcee and mother of a minor child, the court repeated what had already said on the street. Despite the relationship maintained with GNR, did not hesitate to confirm the allegations, confirming their participation. Justified that she was forced to pick the girls to his house, under penalty of being assaulted or run out of the custody of her son.



Cape of GNR who abused minors is in custody

The Court of Idanha-a-Nova decided to keep in custody a cable from GNR village and a woman on suspicion of sex crimes involving minors. The cable GNR was held in Military Prison of Tomar, while the woman is under house arrest.

The two were arrested on Wednesday by the Judicial Police, along with another man, which was applied to measure coercion of periodic presentations.

The three suspects were heard in the Court of Idanha-a-Nova until 1:30 in the early hours of Saturday.

The victims have been two girls of 14 and 15 years and member of the GNR who was arrested is a cable about 40 years old, married and father residing in Idanha-a-Nova, added the same source.

The case arose from allegations of sexual abuse against the military, made from the committee for protection of children and minors from the village, which led to a process of internal investigations in GNR.

The suspect eventually be made by the detachment commander accused of Idanha-a-Nova, in early August, and the case submitted to the Judicial Police, by the force be empowered to investigate the evidence concerned.

Over nearly two months, "the Judicial Police and the military conducted several investigations and the military was arrested on Wednesday," along with another man and a woman suspected of involvement in the case, said the same source of GNR.



Cape of GNR abused girl since the age of eight

A cable from the GNR of Idanha-a-Nova, 43, married with children, abused a girl since the age of eight. Was arrested yesterday, along with a friend and another man.

In just two months, researchers from the Judicial Police (PJ) of Coimbra concluded that the military was the decisive factor in the succession of sexual abuse of children from dysfunctional families, in care support. He and his girlfriend of 30 years, who keep an affair and who was also detained for taking part in the abuse at home and in the street.

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