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Convictions for domestic violence "are very slight" says Secretary of State

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Convictions for domestic violence "are very slight" says Secretary of State

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun Sep 30, 2012 7:27 pm

My friends, this was taken from Jornal de Notícias newspaper:


Convictions for domestic violence "are very slight" says Secretary of State

Secretary of State for Parliamentary Affairs and Equal progressed, this Saturday in Chaves, the numbers of cases of violence against women in Portugal are "too heavy", and convictions of perpetrators "very slight."

"Domestic violence is a reality perfectly unbearable," said Teresa Morais on the sidelines of the First Women's High Tâmega and Barroso, organized by women Social Democrats of Chaves.

In the country, the minister said, there is still a culture and mindset conducive to submission of violence that has not been "sufficiently" change.

"It's a cultural problem, just take many years to finish him, so we must make a serious investment in the protection and support of victims," he said.

There are women, he said, living for centuries in a climate of violence until, one day, is fatal.

As for the sentence of this type of crime, Teresa Morais understood that there is an "excess" of suspended sentences and a "failure" of convictions, so it is necessary to sensitize judges to the "lightness" that is seen with the crime.

Last year was presented more than 20 000 complaints and, in the first three months of 2012, the number is already higher than six thousand.

The number of inmates by doing this crime also increased from 2011 (189) to September 2012 (284).

In the last five years die more than 1590 women victims of domestic violence, and 27 were in 2011 and this year through September, the number has already been exceeded.

Despite budgetary constraints, Teresa Morais revealed that investment in support and protection of victims will continue "uncut".

With the funding of the games of the Holy House, the Government will put in place by the end of the year, a transport network to take women home security, fleet or a reception center to a shelter.

Furthermore, the actions of sensitization will be "duplicate" because it is "fundamental" investing in education of the police, the judiciary and the people.

Women, considered the leader, need to be informed, to know what kind of support there and become aware of the psychological and physical effects that violence has also for their children.

Victims of domestic violence must gain courage and prepare for his release, as everyone has a "responsibility" to flag these situations, because this crime is no longer private.

"This is a tragic reality," he concluded.


Man arrested for domestic violence and sexual abuse of daughter

A goldsmith, 40, was arrested in the north of the country on suspicion of crimes of domestic violence and sexual abuse of her daughter 16 years, said the Judicial Police.

The man was arrested on suspicion of "authorship of a continuous crime of domestic violence and sexual abuse of three minor dependent, perpetrated, respectively, on their spouse and a younger daughter, aged 16," reads a statement from the Judicial sent to the media.

According to PJ, the crime of domestic violence occurred consistently held "over the past three years."

The crimes of domestic violence have occurred in "family atmosphere" and a "framework excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages", associated with a state of "extended unemployment".

The crimes of sexual abuse - two in an attempted and accomplished in the way - have succeeded in all this week, taking the detainee allegedly exploited the absence of his mate's house and married mother of 16 year old girl.

The detainee, with criminal related offense by a police officer, will be present to the competent judicial authorities for questioning judicial and know the measures of coercion.

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