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interview at SIC TV program " querida júlia / dear julie, where moita flores (fmf) and paulo sargento (ps) talks about Scotland Yard in the Madeleine McCann case:

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interview at SIC TV program " querida júlia / dear julie, where moita flores (fmf) and paulo sargento (ps) talks about Scotland Yard in the Madeleine McCann case:

Post by Pedro Silva on Thu Aug 30, 2012 6:53 am

My friend, take a look at this,


interview at SIC TV program " querida júlia / dear julie, where moita flores (fmf) and paulo sargento (ps) talks about Scotland Yard in the Madeleine McCann case:

Francisco Moita Flores and Paul Sergeant.

Program Dear Julia, 29 August 2012; SIC.

Julia Pinheiro

FMF Francisco Moita Flores

PS Paul Sergeant


FMF- this is very strange. Incidentally, I believe that this is more strange because in England every day, I will not say almost every day, but children often disappear. As in Portugal and also some disappear as seen not so much as those that disappear in England.

And this investigation is an investigation into a case investigated. What SY is doing, or what the British Police is doing is to investigate the process that the Portuguese Police investigated. It was not just the police who invested therein (the 3 million and such). Who invests there are always the same.

It is the government handing money to them to see all the solutions that exist for this case Maddie. Being sure that, for them, the solution is always the same. The Tiny was kidnapped and therefore we will see where the PJ failed for us to discover the kidnapper. No more chances.

And so what happens and I realize that the first public intervention inspectors made is that there is an exam, an exam written test and oral test to Case Investigated by the Portuguese Police. Whilst all the things that they brought were thousands of letters and clues, things like that. At the time that was two months ago but there were things that were all resolved by the Portuguese Police, which had them resolved.

What do I fear? But only if the Portuguese authorities are eyes closed, which is preparing another bleaching operation of this case. And, the bleaching operation results of this:

"The Girl in fact been kidnapped, so let´s see where pj failed, there's no chance of involving people known as the Tiny is" an infamous thing ", they are all good guys, so this was a Moroccan or a Portuguese ...... It has to be someone with complexion dark, which made the kidnapping.

And these gentlemen were all poor people in vacation, good people and bother them or throw questions is in fact an insult to many people. Good ..... it is perverse because it shows that people spend millions to whiten, images.

The process is closed. Only those who can open this process is the Portuguese prosecutor. So what they are doing is an investigation process that is closed. Are spending too much money and their fate is not yet there have the IMF.

PS: This is always an agenda. All these news, especially when coming from the British media, have an agenda. Here a month ago there was anything a call but this is a different call. What this man has to say because there is nothing going to close or not to close.

To no longer have sovereignty and fully endorse everything that Francisco said. And then what they did was a review of what the police had done. But none of that counts!

What counts is that we'll have in September 13th and 14th and on the 20th and 21 more of the final hearings of the trial of the main action of the McCanns against Gonçalo Amaral.

Maintain interest in the limelight because this is news without interest (the SY or borrow more money MET) revisit the 195 clues. It's pure stupidity. Is junk media but the case remains in the limelight in order to make a recovery after making a recovery in terms of image. And, they should realize that the Portuguese and the English have now also realize that there is more than that. Already SY now also appears to give an air of "authority" of respectability.

FMF: more respectable than the British government

PS: remember (turning to FMF) that David Cameron was taking cups and forgot daughter in PUB. This seems to be repetitive in English. And so there must be some insight here that this is just media strategy to return again to the fore in this English case, in light of the McCanns work a little bit the image.

FMF: there is a very critical mistake that could present SY and I always considered it a serious error in the process and I do not mind giving this contribution to SY, that is. why, why the Portuguese Judicial Police in the first time because it resolves the first time, parents protected and shielded her friends?

Why was that not the protection of addressing the situation before we were to live? I know colleagues (fellow journalist JP) have a vision beata (beatérica) "ai, parents, poor things; friends there, poor things, they are all good people and only drink glasses of red wine (wine) and had nothing to do with the child who was asleep at 200 meters, it is evil police.

This blessed and very moralistic vision has nothing to do with what is attack the problems of violence and homicides in which everyone is treated equally. And, the first suspect is what is closest. Victims, Children and Others, are produced by those who are closest. Not to say that it is the parents but are those who had access to the house.

After this problem also arose and wrong "was not bothering phone calls to dads?" ; Higher authorities who said there was "no messing these gentlemen?"; And the Portuguese Judicial Police that tells the truth
If telephoned the Embassies; telephoned directly to ....... (Noise); calls came from the British government? Responding to this! Because they know this answer! And, it's not worth being silent.

Then there is a question that is simpler than it is a technical gesture Police, which is the simplest of all: I challenge anyone here present, to go to a house with a semi closed blinds and leave with a child on her back.

PS passing over a bed

FMF: is a reconstruction, called this a rebuilding. Put up a child on his back and goes with her to the back over a window that is open. And, let's see if we can not all fall to the ground if all pass and goes one and not the other passes. Why not pass!

PS: There are two ways. Nobody will close the process that is filed. The process itself is closed. Again this is rubbish but media there would be two ways to reopen this case:

one is Attorney General look with eyes to see, and I apologize, but review was not in 21 days but it was impossible to review and ask about some great credibility, I know, to "ask new requests for tracks that were not investigated.

and the second was like this fly in honey is the girl's mother to answer questions not answered. If the girl's mother wants answer will help a lot of research and will not do what a Judicial Inspector told him "you do not know the answer to these questions will make confuse the investigation." And she said "yes, yes, if that's what the investigation thinks." She rethink this and so will know what happened.

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