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Hernani Carvalho on Querida Julia talking about Birch

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Hernani Carvalho on Querida Julia talking about Birch

Post by Pedro Silva on Sat Aug 04, 2012 12:57 am

My friends, here it is the whole translation:



júlia: let´s got to the first issue of the day, which is related with case of the south-african entrepeneur which defends that the body of Maddie McCann is buried in the terrain of the house of Murat, in Praia da Luz. This continues to be talked. Stephen Birch, which is his name, requests the re-opening of the case, based in the report which talks about the investigations after the prospections in the famous terrain, which he was there

hernâni: he says that he went in the house of Murat

júlia: illegally

hernâni: exactly, he says that he was there, during night, says the he was there with a machine, during night, and says that the machine says that in a certain place is a, well, a strange object, different from what is the sub-soil, refering that sub-soil, the conviction of this person, a, it would be there, the body of Maddie, or, most probably Maddie, which is there, also tells that is is in an area, which was never examined by PJ, and also says that in that area, was done a, a, platform of a concrete, to, to, to serve as access to a side door which is never or rarely used,

júlia: something there

júlia: we are showing him doing his investigations

júlia: so, all this to, for this investigator, it is suspicious and it gives substance for the re-opening of the process, that´s why he delivered these clues to

hernâni: he have that conviction, he says that it happened there, and gave knowledge of that to the authotities of both countries, during the days, he pressured, he also talked with colleagues, journalists namely from The Express or CDM (Correio da Manhă), a, from the Express of Miguel Martins, he says that he is an independent investigator and a, days ago CDM confirmed yesterday that a source of Procuradoria Geral da República / Attorney General's Office, confirmed that this person delivered a, these filmings and those machines, the work of those machines, the report, requesting the re-opening of the process,

júlia: that´s the question.

hernâni: to re-open the process, only with new relevant facts, and for that is needed that the Procurator determined it, I don´t think that it is so easy as it seems

júlia: not enough this suspicion?

hernâni: I don´t know, I don´t know, a, this isn´t a normal process, it is not a process that lives only of the judicial decisions, or at least until now this wasn´t the this case, so, I don´t know, I know that the process was shelved in 2008, I know that the text of the shelving rarely is quoted, a, and the text of the shelving is not so pacific as it seems, it is a text too well elaborated, it allows a, many windows, less doors, but many windows, and indeed the Procurator confirmed that it received it, that now it will be studied by the Procurator, which will decide, if it is, but, wait a minute, I have more news about these issues,

júlia: yes or no

júlia: I was only to say the British press also interested about the issue and made news in The Independent

hernâni: it is not the issue that makes news, no, no, it is, those questions we brought times ago, which were, who is this person after all? Why, suddenly, I don´t know if you noticed, in South Africa, there is an appetite about Maddie´s things. She was seen there, from there came a magician, many detectives from there, well, I don´t know, South Africa, Algarve, I don´t know, I don´t know, what I know is that many came from there trying to solve it, or at least, trying to participate in the problem, which not yet seen any solution, and so, from South Africa came a guy that had visions, also a guy that had a machine that discovers spirits, everything came from South Africa, and now came this guy, this have an advantage: which is a walls jumper (laughing), which caught a, Murat absent, the mother of Murat, who resides in that house, when Maddie disappeared, indeed who was there was Murat with his mother, now it is only his mother, because Murat organized his life, but, he arrived here, now notice this: this was fantastic: there aren´t so many machines like this one, the machine this guy refers, being used, is an expensive machine, there aren´t many machines like that, he can´t explained if the machine came from boat, by plane, by bird, a, or by stork, we don´t know, we know that suddenly, he says that he was here with the machine, a machine like that it gives explanations, for example, by plane, it gives explanations in the border, it could have been arrived by mail, or by boat, because boats in Algarve enters or leaves with a, how can I say this: easily, easily, so, this machine itself is a thing weird, strange, how did it appeared there? There aren´t many, it is not so easy to use it, and so, this guy, the other brought the spell and the phone of spirits, this one brought the machine, notice this: we was able to brought the machine, he came with two employees, was capable of jumped the wall, and was never caught: fantastic, the question is: if people from Praia da Luz are safe, because, if I resided in Praia da Luz, everyday I was looking the garden, if my garden is with visitors

júlia: laughs

júlia: how did it appeared?

Júlia: with visitors, investigator, two employees, the machine on top of the wall,

hernâni: the machine on top of the wall, even more difficult

júlia: even more difficult, these are the questions that were in The Independent or there are others?
hernâni: there are more issues, this guy, another question: one of the questions was: how did he brought the machine, another question: how did a man, which resides in South Africa, wakes up one day and says: I´m going to Praia da Luz to the yard of Murat.

people there: laughs

hernâni: imagine, an Indian in the middle of Andes, one day wakes up and says: the destiny is in Praia da Luz, where is that? It must be in Portugal, Europe, somewhere in the other side of the world, it is also a curiosity, and so, the British newspapers, about the South Africans, seems to discover something to tell, so, with whom , this guy claims that he worked during an year, studied the process, which he never explains: who had worked with him before that time (pause) and before that time, who worked with him, was a gentleman who was chief of military police, investigator of south african military police,

júlia speechless: I´m almost falling from the chair, says the rest

hernâni: which, whose expertise was to looked for missing children, indeed, a career with 28 years, searching for missing children, chief of military police, investigator, which also was at Algarve, also one day woke up : I´m going to Praia da Luz, because there is where my destiny is, so, in south Africa, it must have there some kind of magnetism to go to Praia da Luz, not any other place, they like to go there, and that gentleman also came here, bla, bla, bla, also had, read reports, read documents, also spoke with relatives of the McCanns, also spoke with relatives of PJ, also came here to talk with relatives, today, everybody have relatives, so, a person comes from south Africa, landed in Lisbon, picks a taxi, to Algarve please, to where? To Praia da Luz. So, and then, these men understand it each other, the investigation was moving, one day, each other thinks for himself, perhaps it was better to collect the reward alone, and so, it was like hunting gold, but, in this case, they had bad luck: neither gold nor reward, or, Maddie continues missing and we are feeding this fait-divers.

júlia: so, what you are saying to me is: the motive, that sudden wake up one day in the street of any south African city, was the reward,

hernâni: Cape Town, to be exact, was perfidy, because, they, perhaps, were investigate the same thing, but, one day,

júlia: is the reward so high?

hernâni: so it seems, so it seems.

júlia: I don´t remember.

hernâni: the site of Find Madeleine at a certain time had three millions, but I don´t know what is the reward

júlia: three millions of pounds?

hernâni: I don´t know what is the value. But, it as to be many, the owner of Virgin also helped, people with much power, also those who contributed.

júlia: so, you think that around this case, two more people appeared, whose way, which we noticed, have some, well, it looked for missing children, I don´t know if he had found any,

hernâni: at least, during 28 years, he must have found some.

Júlia: so, they mobilized to enter in this big arena of discussion and speculation, tried to obtain some dividends, that’s what we are talking about?

Hernâni: as it would say a great Portuguese thinker: “there arent´ free modes”

júlia: extraordinary, so, a, result: this type of, we don´t know if it is a fantasy or not, but what could be in that yard, gonçalo amaral, seated in the same place you are, told, that he had searched with a machine exactly like that, the PJ searched extensively, it discovered a roman village, but didn´t discovered anything else. I continue to think that is the bobby (a joke) of Murat

hernâni: discovered a roman village, but, a few days ago I was at IPPAR, and they don´t know nothing about it.

júlia: no?

hernâni: no, but, in IPPAR that is so big, they have many things to do

júlia: the truth is: that they revolved the yard and this doesn´t constitute evidence

hernâni: there is a professor, an expert, geologist, from the University of Aveiro, that aided PJ there

júlia: with this machine, with a machine

hernâni: with a machine like this one, well, it´s true that when we, with the vacuum cleaner, sometimes we don´t go to all corners, but a

júlia: so, the important is, the curiosity in England has to do with this, with the raise of

hernâni: yes. It as to do with this question we made, which was: who is this guy? One day woke up and told: I´m going to dedicate, it couldn´t do it for free

júlia: it couldn´t do it for free, it has to have some type of motivation

hernâni: now, if it is true, that in fact this man was at the yard of Murat, and if it´s true that he used the machine, judging by the or by the images he gave, something is there, but, that doesn´t guarantee a human corpse. What the machine says is: something is there, an alteration in the sub-soil, it could be, it says if the sub-soil was touched or not, and that there are, well, something that is not related with the normal structure of the sub-soil, but, from that, to be whatever it is, or better yet, to be whatever body of whom it is, there is still a big distance

júlia: something

júlia: if I´m reading too well in that, 35 million rans, which I don´t know what is, but, it must be a lot of money, it must be a lot, and that is what is being

hernâni: 35 million rans, the last time I was at South Africa, this is what motivates many people that sees Maddie here or there, someday we will have the truth,

júlia: you think?

hernâni: , I have profound conviction of that, there is a conviction, I never spoke with maya, she will know, but that is my conviction

people there: laughs

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