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June 2, Faisal declared the abolition of slavery in Arabia

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June 2, Faisal declared the abolition of slavery in Arabia

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun Jun 03, 2012 2:51 am

My friends, I receive this through google alert:


June 2, Faisal declared the abolition of slavery in Arabia

The June 2, 1963, the crown prince Faisal decreed the abolition of slavery in Arabia, one of the few countries in the world where this human exploitation persisted. Today, Portugal, the first country to end slavery, points out that fact.
Today is a day to remember the end of slavery in Saudi Arabia, one of the last pioneers of human exploration. The June 2, 1963, Prince Faisal puts an end to this practice.
Portugal was the first country to do so in the eighteenth century. During the reign of Joseph I, February 12, 1761, by order of the Marquis of Pombal abolished slavery in the Kingdom and India.
The last country to abandon this practice was Mauritania, November 9, 1981. However, still persist in many countries records of human exploitation, although this practice is now prohibited by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
The trip by June 2 begins in 1909 with the first flight of an airplane with passengers (two people on board) conducted by the French aviator Louis Bleriot.
In 1945, Pope Pius XII declares himself against the Nazis and 12 years later, led by American Nobel Linus Pauling, about 2000 scientists from around the world seeking the suspension of testing atomic weapons.
On June 2, 1964, it created the Organization for the Liberation of Palestine and in 1979 John Paul II carries out the first trip by a pope to a Communist country, specifically Poland, where he was born.
In 1997, Timothy McVeigh is found guilty of the famous bombing a federal building in Oklahoma. The attack occurred two years earlier and killed 168 people. McVeigh is sentenced to death.
The Discovery party, June 2, 1998, toward the ultimate mission of NASA to supply the Russian orbital station Mir. And in 1999, the African National Congress wins the second multi-racial elections in South Africa
Nasoni born on this day, Italian architect (1691), Marquis de Sade, French writer (1740), Edward Elgar, English composer (1857), Takijiro Onishi, Japanese admiral, father of the kamikaze ideology (1891), Johnny Weissmuller, U.S. actor American, the most famous movie Tarzan (1904), Juan Antonio Bardem, Spanish film director (1922), Constantine II, last king of Greece (1940) and Charlie Watts, drummer of the Rolling Stones (1941).
Died June 2 Catherine of Lancaster, Queen consort of Henry III of Castile (1418), Madeleine de Scudery, French writer (1701), Bruce McLaren, New Zealand racing driver (1970), Santiago Bernabeu, former player and former president of Real Madrid (1978), Bo Diddley, American musician (2008), Mel Ferrer, actor, producer and director American (2008) and Rosa Coutinho, the Portuguese military (2010).

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