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Dutchman years drugged and robbed in his Algarve Apartment

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Dutchman years drugged and robbed in his Algarve Apartment

Post by Pedro Silva on Tue May 29, 2012 6:03 am



A Dutch man of 72 years was held hostage in his own apartment in the Portuguese Algarve. While he was drugged and tied to his bed, his bank accounts was looted. The man was rescued a few days ago.

The daughter and her family decided to visit her father. She had not seen her father for a few years. On his Portuguese apartment she found a German woman who refused to let her inside.

Later she could see her father.The man appeared to be emaciated and could barely talk. He weighed only 70 pounds while he was a year ago around 100 pounds.

Pension every month deprived

The hostages have plundered the bank account of the man while he was drugged chained sat on a bed in his house. The hostage takers cashed his retirement money each month (2500 euros), bargain away his capacity of 150.000 euros and took possession of his house.

The hostage takers were arrested. The perpetrators are a 63-year-old German woman and a 55-year-old Italian man.


TV News: The victim is in the hospital in Portugal, recovering from the trauma's in the past years. He wants to go home in The Netherlands, but the criminals never paid assurance, so medical costs are not covered and it is a problem to transport the 72-years old by airplane.

The perpetrators are released from jail and they are back in the victim's apartment as if it belongs to them. The daughter is afraid they will come after her father. She want her father transported to Holland as soon as possible.

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