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Why Madeleine's parents do not lose hope

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Why Madeleine's parents do not lose hope

Post by Pedro Silva on Sat Apr 28, 2012 1:34 am

My friends, I received this through google alert:


Why Madeleine's parents do not lose hope

There are a number of cases of missing children and adolescents and found alive years later

Four years after the disappearance of little Madeleine McCann, Scotland Yard said there is a possibility of the girl alive. The British asked the Portuguese police to reopen investigations into the story. A breath of hope for Gerry and Kate McCann, parents of the girl? Maybe. There are cases of missing children and adolescents and found alive years later - although many of them have gone through tragic moments (see table below).

Madeleine was 5 years old when he disappeared during a trip to Portugal with his parents - today, she was 9 years old. Even the Scotland Yard inspector, Andy Redwood, gave hope to the family last week. "There are rare cases of young men abducted and found some time later," he said. "And we can not rule out that Madeleine was abducted by a stranger."

Regardless of the relief of the family, the possible return of Maddie can also represent the resumption of a painful cycle of anxiety for the McCanns. "The real possibility of reunion can act as a new stress factor," says psychologist Denise Diniz, coordinator of the Center for Quality of Life and Stress Control UNIFESP. "Even more because the situation Jé messed with the identity of the nuclear family."

For Denise, the "mourning without a body," or the disappearance of a loved one for an indefinite period may be even more painful than death of the person. "It's sad, but fundamental to bury our dead. When the family goes through the stress of losing a relative to the unknown, shall live in a constant vigil, a hope that can generate much anxiety and an exaggerated expectation," he says.

Remembering of children who disappeared and reappeared years later:

Shawn Hornbeck:
The young of Missouri was kidnapped in 2002, at 11 years old, and found five years later living with his captor, Michael Devlin, 41, a few miles from his family home. Apparently, Shawn had the freedom to go out, make friends and to access phone or internet.

Pedro Braule Pinto:
He was kidnapped on January 21, 1986, just 12 hours after birth in a maternity hospital in Brasilia. Registered as Borges Osvaldo Jr., the boy was raised in Goiania by Borges and Osvaldo Vilma Martins da Costa. Her life changed dramatically in 2002 when he discovered that Vilma was not his biological mother, and yes, his kidnapper.

Natascha Kampusch:
On the morning of March 2, 1998, the Austrian Natascha Kampusch, then 10, disappeared on the way to school. Eight years after she was held captive by the engineer Wolfgang Priklopil, in Strasshof. At first, Natasha got stuck in the dungeon in the basement of Priklopil. When the kidnapper finally pulled out, the girl lived a routine physical and psychological aggression: he forced her to keep house, slept handcuffed her, beat her, was a constant threat. Over the years, Natascha had opportunities to escape, but was only on August 23, 2006 she gathered the courage to escape. Priklopil killed himself hours later. At age 22, launched his autobiography 3.096 Days' (Editora Record).

Jaycee Lee Dugard:
On June 10, 1991, the U.S. girl was playing with friends and led a normal childhood along with the family until be kidnapped at 1 years old, in front of the school bus stop. For 18 years she was in captivity and was sexually abused by the couple, Philip and Nancy Garrido. Forced relationship, she became pregnant twice. At age 31, wrote an autobiography called 'Stolen Life' (Editora Record / Best Seller).

Elisabeth Fritzl:
Josef Fritzl, an electrical engineer for 73 years, kept his daughter imprisoned for 24 years in captivity in the town of Amstetten, Austria. In addition to the kidnapping, the man confessed to impregnating the victim without his own wife and neighbors wary. Elisabeth had seven children. Three of them were "adopted" by Fritzl, three others were arrested with their mother, and a seventh died shortly after birth. The case was discovered when one of the daughters who was stuck sick and had to receive medical care. Upon arriving at the hospital, Fritzl said he found the girl unconscious in front of a building in town. The police then decided to look for the girl's mother to find out what had happened to the girl. She insists she had no knowledge of what was happening.

Elizabeth Smart:
In 2002, one night, the 14 year old was taken from her bedroom in Salt Lake City and found nine months later, living about 30 miles away with her abductor and his wife. Mormon for 57 years, David Mitchell, was accused of having kidnapped, raped and held captive for nine months. He claimed to have acted under orders from God.

To watch photos, click at numbers 1 to 6, inside link above.

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