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Portugal least appealing country in Europe for clinical trials

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Portugal least appealing country in Europe for clinical trials

Post by Pedro Silva on Thu Apr 05, 2012 5:34 am

A study by the Portuguese Pharmaceutical Industry Association (Apifarma), released last week, shows that Portugal is one of the “least attractive countries” in Europe for carrying out clinical trials, and suffers a “very large” loss of investigative potential when compared to countries such as Belgium, the Czech Republic and Austria.
Published last week during a National Platform for Clinical Trials meeting, Apifarma’s study shows that Portugal lost out on more than €136 million in potential investigation when compared to Belgium; fifty-five percent less.
A workgroup carried out the study to quantify the potential investment not being scooped by Portugal. Research involved 16 Portuguese companies and 443 trials that took place between 2007 and 2011, having obtained preliminary results from 13 of those companies.
The study also covered 6,169 patients, with an average investment of €13,869 per patients.
Apifarma spokesperson Paula Martins de Jesus said that Portugal has lost out on some €14 million, due to its lack of ability to capture new investors, a 33.4 percent loss of planned investment.
According to the study the total planned investment was of €41.9 million, while the real amount invested in carrying out clinical trials in Portugal was of €27.9 million.
The areas that were most penalised were neurology, which received €3.6 million less than expected; oncology, which lost out on €3 million, and cardiology, which was left €2 million short of what was expected.
Regarding therapeutic treatments, haematology showed the highest average of cost per patient (at €68.529 per patient), with a lost investment of a million euros, followed by oncology which has a cost of €31.733 per patients and a lost investment of three million euros.
Ms. Jesus said that the main reasons for this missed investment and lack of appeal were mainly “voids in training and awareness” among hospital administrators, doctors, nurses and pharmacists, among others, as well as the absence of a strategic plan and a mismanagement of resources, namely regarding the area in which trials and research is conducted, and the lack of information regarding investment.

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