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U.S. company aid in the manufacture of first satellite

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U.S. company aid in the manufacture of first satellite

Post by Pedro Silva on Tue Apr 03, 2012 10:27 pm


U.S. company aid in the manufacture of first satellite

An American company will help Bangladesh to manufacture its first satellite, through a consulting agreement signed today and which is valued at $ 10 million (7.4 million).

The agreement was signed in Dhaka between the U.S. Space Partnership International, based in Maryland, and the Telecommunications Regulatory Commission of Bangladesh.

The U.S. company will be responsible for the design of the satellite and hire a company to manufacture and release.

Bangladesh plans to launch satellite in 2015 to improve its telecommunications services, collect weather information for disaster prevention and map sources of natural resources.

Currently Bangladesh has spent 11 million dollars per year to rent foreign satellites.

U.S. Navy develops 'robot' firefighter

'Octavia' is able to receive orders from the partner through voice commands and sign language, using infrared cameras to detect the fire, using their "pack" of compressed air and water to clear.

"Even in peacetime, fires represent a major risk for the U.S. fleet," the Naval Research Laboratory of the U.S. Navy.

The 'robot' firefighter is able to recognize the partner, responding to their orders or the vocal gestures. In the video posted on YouTube, Octavia is aware of the location of the fire before entering the room and clear.

The researchers ensure that there is still much that needs to be improved, notably to develop a more natural interaction with the partner, as well as the ability to better understand what is or is not a fire.

Based on the video images, Octavia also need to improve their speed of response and, according to the Daily Mail, the Navy needs to do something in relation to its aspect. "Who would want to be saved by a robot that looks like an evil puppet brought to life?"

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