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Families of Ílhavo keep during hundred years silver cutlery from the Titanic

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Families of Ílhavo keep during hundred years silver cutlery from the Titanic

Post by Pedro Silva on Wed Mar 21, 2012 5:45 am


Families of Ílhavo keep during hundred years cutlery the Titanic

Silver cutlery from the Titanic, which were collected in furniture drifting caught by a ship cod after the wreck, are preserved in the collection of some families of Ílhavo, that during hundred years, divided among themselves.

The "secret" was now revealed in a blog by Ana Maria Lopes, former director of the Maritime Museum of Ílhavo and holder of six silver spoons, which confirmed the origin along the RMS Titanic and has led the movement to Ílhavo a French television station .

"The cutlery were [found inside] a mobile floated a month and a half after the wreck and was taken by boat Trumpets, Figueira da Foz, it was Cricket Captain John Francis, Ílhavo. When he arrived, he handed them to the owner, which is not very interested, so that distributed them by family and friends, "said Ana Maria Lopes.

This is the origin of the six tablespoons of his own, which were offered to his grandfather and came to inherit, along with the rest of the filling and the house where he lives.

Since the nine-year-old cutlery and history that were linked were familiar to him, by talking of his grandmother, when cleaned and were setting up "the spoons of the Titanic."

There are other cases in the neighborhood, with the same source: "There are a few more families with spoons and forks I've seen. A lady who lives near me, and not to be disclosed, has 17 pieces, including these same spoons, dessert forks, because the husband was the grandson of thought that [the furniture] ".

For almost a century, the existence of cutlery was only limited knowledge of the family, although there were rumors about such Ílhavo spoils.

"Who had not liked to talk. Each had what he had in his house and eventually, although there is comment on a couple tablespoons of the Titanic, "he explains.

Until Ana Maria Lopes, by virtue of their functions in the museum, gave more attention to the spoons "that were always there at home" and began investigating.

"I saw the oral history of Ílhavo had reason to be, because there was a coincidence of dates and routes. There was the memory that the silverware had been caught on the way to the fishing vessel, who was always late April and early May, and the Titanic sank on April 14, 1912, "he says.

Faced with a record of the return on 27 October 1912, the Trombetas, according to oral tradition, will have collected the cabinet with cutlery, and Dolphin, who was captain of his grandfather.

The location of the Titanic on the seabed, has brought new enthusiasm and was the first exhibition of artifacts from the ship, in 1994, the Museum of Greenwich, but only in the third exhibition in Lisbon (2009), is that he "saw exactly the same utensils ".

There followed a meeting in Costa Nova with Christopher Davino, the RMS Titanic, who showed his spoons, and that certified. Were in fact equal in solid silver, with the star in the cable, symbol of the White Star Line, puncturing the silver age, and indication of Elkington Plate, a famous English jewelry.

The "discovery" has led a team of France third in three days filming for the program Ílhavo Thalassa.

Now, Ana Maria Lopes hopes that the museum was the director could receive an exposure of the Titanic.

"I wonder if we will ever have an exhibition of the collection of the Titanic in Ílhavo? I think the Portuguese land of Ílhavo is the best suited place to receive an exhibition in the museum or in any other public space "she says.

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