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Coca-Cola and Pepsi contain cancer substance

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Coca-Cola and Pepsi contain cancer substance

Post by Pedro Silva on Fri Mar 09, 2012 9:49 pm


Coca-Cola and Pepsi contain cancer substance

Chemical analyzes show that "caramel coloring" may cause cancer. U.S. manufacturer admits change formula "secret" of soft drinks.

After all, as suspected, the Coca-Cola and Pepsi can be harmful to health. The "caramel coloring" named as one of the ingredients in these drinks is not a harmless "natural" sugar-based caramel, but a chemical compound known as 4-MEI or 4-MI (4-methylimidazole) potentially carcinogenic, denounced the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), a public body of consumer protection in the U.S. with headquarters in Washington.

The 4-MEI an organic dye is identical to natural, synthetic, obtained by the process of ammonium sulphite used to give a dark color to soda. Animal experiments have shown that can cause cancer.

A press release issued by CSPI states that chemical analysis on samples of Coca-Cola and Pepsi revealed very high levels of carcinogenic dye in soft drinks. Between 145-153 micrograms (4-MEI) in cans of Pepsi, 142-146 micrograms Cola in cans, and 103 micrograms and 113 cans of Diet Coke.

California, products containing greater than 29 micrograms of 4-MEI warning must be labeled to cause cancer. Based on the risk model adopted in California, CSPI estimates that the caramel coloring found in the samples of Coca-Cola and Pepsi is responsible for about 15,000 cancer cases in the U.S. population.

"Colour Cosmetics"

The CSPI has asked the Food and Drug Administration (FDA, the American agency that controls the drugs and foods) to prohibit the dye. In California, the chemical is on the list of substances known to cause cancer.

The CSPI warns that the younger, under 20 years are most vulnerable because they consume large quantities of soft drinks, and are more susceptible to cancer than older people.

The FDA, which is examining the request of the CSPI, says it would take a person drink daily, 1,000 cans of Coke or Pepsi for cancer.

The executive director of CSPI disagrees with the FDA. At a press conference, said Michael Jacobson carcinogenic dyes can not simply be part of the food chain, the more that are just cosmetic.
"Coca-Cola and Pepsi, with the acquiescence of the FDA, are unnecessarily exposing millions of Americans to a chemical that causes cancer," he said. "The color is just cosmetic, it adds flavor," so that 4-MI may well be replaced without damage to the product. On the other hand, the FDA needs to protect consumers by prohibiting this dye, "emphasized the executive director of CSPI.
Dye chemically modified

Confronted with the results of chemical analyzes, the Coca-Cola and Pepsi told CSPI that will change the amount of dye in soft drinks sold in the U.S..

In an interview with National Public Radio, a spokesman for Coca-Cola, Diana Garza Ciarlante said that although the products have never offered health hazard, the company decided to reduce the amount of 4-MEI in soft drinks sold in California, should extend far the rest of the country.

The American Beverage Association, which represents the beverage industry American, in turn, published on its website a statement saying that "science simply does not prove that the 4-MEI in beverages or food represents a health threat human. "

The CSPI also asked the FDA that the MEI-4 or 4-MI to pass to be called "caramel coloring chemically modified" or "caramel color by ammonia sulfite process" and that no product can be called "natural" if contains the substance..

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