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Director of the ECJ argues that judges must declare participation in secret societies

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Director of the ECJ argues that judges must declare participation in secret societies

Post by Pedro Silva on Sun Mar 04, 2012 8:40 pm

My friends, this was taken from JATYK:

Director of the ECJ argues that judges must declare participation in secret societies


Issues of transparency

Director of the ECJ argues that judges must declare participation in secret societies
03.03.2012 - 20:06 By Mariana Oliveira

The Director of the Centre for Legal Studies, Peter Beard Man, defended the Ninth Congress of the prosecution, in Vilamoura, that the magistrates should have to make a record of interest, particularly in relation to participation in public associations or secret.

Not to mention the Freemasons, a secret organization they belong to some judges who hold high office of Justice, Human Barbas, appointed in September by Minister Paula Teixeira da Cruz, that a "register of interests is a matter of transparency that is necessary in a democratic. "

Stressing that the magistrates or the court or prosecutor, providing a public service, the director of the body which provides training for magistrates said prosecutors and judges must declare a "public participation in organizations more or less public and even secret." Bearded man, a professor at the Faculty of Law, University of Lisbon, emphasized that such registration constitutes an ethical requirement of the profession. "It should be a right of defendants to know who are the people who are to judge or criticize," he said.

The position was justified by a question from attorney Joan Marques Vidal, president of the Portuguese Association for Victim Support, the sister of Attorney John Marques Vidal, the prosecution team responsible for the Hidden Face of the process and the daughter of Joseph Marques Vidal, magistrate and former career Director of the Judicial Police. Jose Marques Vidal, 81, also attended the Congress, having made an intervention where a claim disputed by former Attorney General's Office, Souto de Moura, on the passive role of judges. The former director of the PJ pointed out that in criminal judges have a duty to seek the truth of the facts, which requires them to take an active role. Souto de Moura, current judge on the Supreme Court, eventually agreed.

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