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Rui Pedro´s update

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Rui Pedro´s update

Post by Pedro Silva on Fri Jan 06, 2012 4:49 am


Final arguments scheduled for January 26
Judgement of the kidnapping of Rui Pedro is coming to an end

Is coming to an end the trial of the kidnapping of Rui Pedro, the boy who disappeared from Lousada in March 1998. This Wednesday was held the last session before the closing arguments, already scheduled for the 26th of this month. At that time, defense lawyers and the family of Rui Pedro, as well as the state prosecutor, will present to the panel of judges what in their opinion, was proved during 11 trial sessions, during which were heard over 80 witnesses. Some of them were heard for the second time during the reconstructions that the Court carried out on Wednesday. Alcina Dias, in a mount of Lustosa, explained again how Afonso Dias took Rui Pedro to her on the day of his disappearance.

The prostitute reaffirmed everything she had said in the courtroom, only this time exemplified in the woods, in front of judges and lawyers at the woods also .

In Lustosa also the uncle of Rui Pedro, who accompanied the first inspectors of the Judicial Police who spoke to Alcina, confirmed that the prostitute admitted the day after the disappearance, that she had been with Rui Pedro. "The place was different, but it was here that we talked to her," Carlos Teixeira told.

In the morning, it was the turn of four friendsof Rui Pedro say they saw the boy then 11 years old to enter the car of Afonso Dias. The testimony came as the judges visited the ancient wilderness, the school and some of the streets of the town.

Mother disappointed with silence of Afonso Dias

At the end of the session, the mother of Rui Pedro took a reflection of the trial that began in November last year. "I think it went relatively well. I hoped that Afonso talked, but he did not speak. Moreover, I think all the witnesses responded to what we predicted. They spoke what was true, " claimed Filomena Teixeira.

Still, Filomena Teixeira is convinced that Afonso Dias know more than we have ever said. "After all these sessions I became more convinced that Afonso was involved in the disappearance of Rui Pedro. Without a doubt, " she said.

Afonso Dias should remain silent until the end of the trial. "I do not think, honestly, that my client talk during this trial," Afonso´s lawyer Paulo Duarte told.



Rui Pedro's parents promise to continue to fight for their son.

The lawyer of Rui´s family said on Wednesday that the "war will not end until it is known what happened" to the boy of Lousada, missing for more than 13 years.

We want to know what happened. We will not stop fighting for the discovery of Rui Pedro with the end of this trial, "said Ricardo Sá Fernandes outside the court Lousada.

Commenting to reporters that this Wednesday's session, in which was made in the reconstruction of the facts placed in Afonso Dias, charged with kidnapping qualified the lawyer of the family of Rui´s insisted that "to the parents of Rui Pedro the central objective continues to be to discover what happened. "

Ricardo Sá Fernandes said that the 11 trial sessions conducted enabled the family to be closer to knowing what happened to the child, with 11 years old at the time of disappearance.

"For us this trial is a step," he said.

"This trial ends when we discover what happened to Rui Pedro. We do it for the respect that deserves in the family, but specially Rui Pedro," said Ricardo Sá Fernandes.

About the purpose of reconstruction of the facts, the lawyer stressed that "such efforts are essential for the court to do the reconstruction bit of life that matters for the trial."

For Ricardo Sá Fernandes, "the court did a very thorough and rigorous reconstruction of what happened."

Rui Pedro's mother said that with the final of te production of evidence at trial, is more convinced that the only defendant in the process was involved in the disappearance of the minor of Lousada in 1998.

At the end of the session this Wednesday dedicated to the reconstruction of the facts, Filomena Dias showed reporters the disappointment at the defendant Afonso Dias has not yet spoken in open court, following a statement by his lawyer.

Since the beginning of the trial that the child's mother, missing for more than 13 years, expressed hope that any statements of the accused in open court could lead to the discovery of what happened to Rui Pedro.

Nevertheless, Filomena Dias, assistant in this process, expressed satisfaction with the manner in which the reconstitution of the facts, because, she said, "all the witnesses responded to what was expected."

"They said what was true," she noted.

The laywer believes that the closing arguments scheduled for 26 days, "will be long ".

Pedro Silva
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Re: Rui Pedro´s update

Post by dianeh on Fri Jan 06, 2012 1:58 pm

If Dias was involved, he is not going to say what really happened.

Kidnapping probably does not carry the same sentence as murder. So if he murdered Rui, he will not admit to it, or show them where the body is.

If he sold Rui onto a paedophile ring, he will not admit to that either, particularly if there were underworld links. it would be signing his own death warrant.

I dont think he will tell what he knows.

If Rui is still alive (wasnt there photos of him on the internet a few years after he was taken?), then maybe one day he will find his way home. There are reasons why he may not want to come home, or cannot come home, even though by now, he would be fully grown.
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Re: Rui Pedro´s update

Post by Pedro Silva on Fri Jan 06, 2012 8:21 pm

dianeh, you´re right, I agree with you.

Pedro Silva
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Re: Rui Pedro´s update

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