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Rui Pedro´s case updates

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Rui Pedro´s case updates

Post by Pedro Silva on Thu Dec 15, 2011 12:51 am

My friends, updates in Rui Pedro´s case today:


PJ inspector believes that Rui Pedro is still alive
Former Inspector of Judicial Police, who participated in the early days of the investigation after the disappearance of Rui Pedro, believes that the young may still be alive.

A former Inspector of Judicial Police (PJ) said today, in the Court of Lousada, that he believes that Rui Pedro, a child missing for 13 years, may still be alive.

"I have no proof, but this is my conviction," he said. Ribeiro dos Santos, who participated in the first days after the disappearance, in the investigation, admitted that his brigade could not gather "conclusive evidence" as to what happened to the minor on 4 March 1998, despite several attempts made.

"There were some things that did not ring right. I could not materialize evidence that he [defendant] was guilty or innocent," he said. This former inspector, who was enrolled as a witness by the prosecution, accused prostitute Alcina Days of having lied to the court.

The prostitute had told an audience that was with the child on the day of the disappearance and that the child was taken in a black car was by Afonso Dias, the sole defendant in this case, accused of a crime of qualified rape.

Inspectors should speak "without any restrictions of a formal order"

At the request of the assistants, the group of judges repeatedly interrupted the testimony of the inspector, noting that one police officer was unable to tell criminal conversations held in the investigation stage, with people later enrolled as a witness, as was the case of Alcina Dias.

The defense of the defendant objected, arguing that the inspectors should speak "without any restrictions on the formal order" to ascertain the truth, which did not convince the Collective.

Faced with limited reiterated by the court, the inspector did not fail to express their dissatisfaction, saying that just could not counter with "the witnesses who came to court to tell lies."

"If I cannot speak, sir, send me away," he said, addressing the President of the collective, in an environment of some twitching.
Ribeiro dos Santos, who led the investigation until 2001, revealed that Alcina Dias said, two days after the child's disappearance, the place of the encounter with Rui Pedro, the car of the man who brought the child was white and not black as a few days ago told the court.

The inspector also ensured that at Lustosa diligence performed on the woman did not show any pictures of Rui Pedro, also contradicting what he said Alcina Dias on trial.

Ribeiro dos Santos countered also part of the testimony today by Carlos Teixeira, an uncle of Rui Pedro who accompanied the inspector to hear the Lustosa prostitute. The family of the child told the court he had spoken of Alcina Dias about a black car.

For this eighth session of the trial hearing was scheduled for five PJ inspectors listed by the prosecution, but only two were heard.

The second inspector, Jose Leal, who took over the conduct of investigation after 2001, continuing it until 2004, was limited to characterize and describe in detail some of the sites in the file and re-enactments of events that led.

The trial continues tomorrow with some more listening to PJ inspectors who participated in the investigation.


Lousada: Investigator says that only with help you can the body

Rui Pedro´s case: Hypothesis of death on the day of the kidnapping (WITH VIDEO)
Henrique Noronha, chief inspector of the Judicial Police of the Porto, which took over the investigation into the case Rui Pedro in 2008, admitted yesterday for the first time the boy may have died on the day of the kidnapping. His testimony, in the 9th session of the trial, the Court of Lousada, where the recording was still envisioned the restoration made by Afonso (see text secondary), shook Philomena, mother of the child.

The investigator went further and admitted in the scenarios indicated that the most likely location for the body was hidden: the forest Lustosa where Rui Pedro has been brought to the encounter with the prostitute.

"If he must be dead, that location, is the most likely. But it is very difficult to find the body without the assistance of someone to show us the place where he is. Is looking for a needle in Lousada," said yesterday the chief inspector .

The words of the investigator caused in Filomena a mess. Was shaken by the possibility of never again see his son. "Since the beginning of the trial were the hardest words to hear, it hurt me a lot," he said, without hiding the sadness.

The PJ investigator also showed surprise at the research done by the first team, after the child's disappearance. Henry Noronha finds no explanation for the fact that the testimony of Alcina Dias have been devalued. Only when the inspector - chief took over the case is that the prostitute was first formally heard. "I have trouble understanding why the information is not appreciated. When I realized that over the case from the outset had a connection to prostitution, so I followed the track," he said. The chief inspector added that it took 13 years to accuse Alfonso, now on trial for kidnapping, because from the moment the process had only one setting: the whereabouts of Rui Pedro.

"Incriminating by the disappearance-was always in the background. Unfortunately we can never understand what happened to Rui Pedro. We realize that there is a time interval for which Alfonso has no explanation. The justifications are not plausible," he said.

AFONSO justifications were heard in the Court

The steps that Alfonso Diaz gave the day of the disappearance of Rui Pedro, whose shot reconstitution was done in 2004, were screened in court yesterday. The justifications given by the defendant for that day were first heard by the panel of judges. The accused shall state with Rui Pedro around 14:30. Ensures that the boy did not go in your car, but can not explain what he did in the time period between 15:00 and 17:00. For more than half of this period gives the grounds that he was standing in front of the pharmacy keys in Pacos de Ferreira. "I was standing there in front of the pharmacy to work overtime. Now I can not spend much time in the car, but I was at the time. I was window shopping, walking. I really like City Hall," we hear the defendant say in the video .

Pacos De Ferreira, Afonso goes to Freamunde, where he is standing in front of a factory. Back to Lousada, bathes and has returned in the evening that parish.

"I do not remember very well what I did that day. I know that after I went to my wife," he said.

"It's hard to see that they did little to find my son"

Filomena, Rui Pedro's mother, begins to reveal some emotional distress. In the last trial sessions, has succeeded in hiding the revolt. The testimony of the first inspectors who investigated the disappearance shocked the mother, who devoted the last 13 years looking for the child.

"It's hard to see that they did little to find my son. Do not sought immediately at the time, devalued information. We could have known just what happened to Peter," said Philomena.

The boy's mother launched harsh criticism of the investigation and highlighted the fact that only now in court some witnesses have been heard for the first time.

Filomena however praised the work of the 3rd Judicial Police team. "They so, what their colleagues did in 1998 should have done. They tried to rebuild everything," stressed the boy's mother disappeared.
Most voted comment:
“How was it possible to die on the day of the kidnapping, if he was viewed in Eurodisney was a long time before the kidnap? You must be drunk.



Lousada: Inspector José Adriel of the 1st PJ team, is convinced that the boy did not die

"I believe that Rui Pedro is alive" (with videos)
Filomena was about to faint. After several days trying to handle the emotions, the Court of Lousada, discussing Afonso kidnapped his son Rui Pedro 13 years ago yesterday the mother's eyes filled with tears. Heard José Adriel retired inspector of PJ Porto, said he believes the minor is alive and acknowledge that little has been done at the time of disappearance. The hope has been rekindled and Filomena did not contain crying.

"I believe that Rui Pedro is alive. Unfortunately I have no evidence, but this is my conviction," the judges said the inspector who was part of the 1st Judicial investigation team that was the case.

The testimony of the investigator, made yesterday, the 8th session of the trial, revealed the weaknesses of the work of the 1st team, particularly as to whether Alcina Days, the prostitute who claims to have been with Rui Pedro and Afonso Dias, now charged with kidnapping, have been heard only in 2008.

Adriel Joseph, who was holding the process up to 2001, even though he confessed, days after the disappearance, he was with the witness and thought that that had been interrogated. He had gone to talk to Lustosa Alcina and then to confirm the woman's encounter with the least, took her to court. He stressed that this should be crossed with Alfonso in the lobby, but that did not recognize. "I left it on the court with my colleagues and I left. I thought it had been heard. Only then can informed me that this had not happened," he said.

The inspector also admitted that much remained to be done in the days after the boy's disappearance. "I just tried on two wells, we were only three people to do searches in the woods. For me, what was done was not enough, there was more where to look. But the time had little means," he stressed.

"You told you were with the minor"

Carlos Teixeira, Rui Pedro's godfather of Rui Pedro and brother of Philomena, was heard yesterday in the trial session. It was the first time the man was heard in the proceedings and did so in response to a request filed by workers, parents of the boy of 11 years. Carlos followed closely all the steps of the PJ and told the panel of judges of the first approach to the inspectors prostitute Alcina.

"I went with the inspectors Lustosa for showing them the place where women tend to prostitution. We spoke first with a prostitute, asked whether he was with a child, but she motioned down, which was Alcina," he said.

The witness explained that barely begun to speak with Alcina Dias immediately confirmed that she had been with the boy. "She said she was with a minor. A man stood by her in a black car, which sent the child out and stayed in the car to smoke. She described it as soon as the man was dressed in black," said Carlos, who provides not have been left with no doubt that it was the godson.


Rui Pedro's family was shaken before the weaknesses of the investigation revealed yesterday. The fact that the inspector José Adriel admitted he did not know the prostitute had not been heard let the boy's parents upset. Manuel Mendonca, father of the child, had already revealed a few days ago that increasingly had the feeling that the Judicial Police did not do what it should. "I always defended their work, I now realize that was wrong," he said.

Most voted comment:
“When they should act they did not! Now give hints! The "Judith / PJ" on their "best"! As the saying goes, evil comes from within and not outside! You have to clean the house of the treacherous and evil professionals! "

Other comments:
What country is this .... it does not investigate, as it should the abduction of a child !!!!!!!!!!!!! it chills ....

It was the best gift this mother could receive! God allows him back!

Do new searches in the zone, the boy may be trapped there, like that girl in Austria! I hope that justice is done!

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