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Rui Pedro's Dad -'He May Still Be Alive'

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Rui Pedro's Dad -'He May Still Be Alive'

Post by Pedro Silva on Wed Nov 09, 2011 7:06 am

My friends, this was taken from JATYK:


Manuel Mendonca, Rui Pedro's father believes his son is still alive.

Eternal question: Father believes the photo is of Rui Pedro

"Nobody has proved that he was not"

The question remains in the hearts of Manuel and Filomena, Rui Pedro's parents, the boy who disappeared thirteen years of Lousada. They believe strongly that arises in the lowest pedophile images seized in 2000 during operation 'Cathedral' - in which two Portuguese were identified - is Rui Pedro.

The couple brought the conviction that even the Judicial Police of the Port that year to resume the investigation of the case. At the end of 1999, inspectors had closed its investigation and forwarded it to the Ministry of Public Lousada. They claimed that all the tracks had been followed and that the investigation was closed. "Nobody has proved that it was not him, never managed to shake these images. We saw the photographs and still believe it was Pedro. There were many similarities, especially in the smile," said the CM Manuel Mendonca, father of the child.

A few days into the trial, whose first session is scheduled for 17 days, Rui Pedro's parents cling to the belief that the child is in the photographs. Only then can keep the hope of one day return to meet life, to re-embrace.

"If Pedro was alive at the time those photos will most likely still be anywhere in the world waiting for that one day find it. It is this hope that drives us, when we look at those pictures with the certainty that he did not died, "says Manuel, moved.

The Port PJ never managed to discover the origin of images, which were desig-tions with the name 'Billy'. The inspectors also asked Interpol to help Ian Baldock and to interrogate Gavin Seagers, the two defendants sharing network of pedophile material that was in the possession of the photographs. Both denied knowledge of the sender and the poor quality of those images also never allowed to be carried out laboratory tests. The question remains today.

MP indictment AFTER 13 YEARS

In February this year, thirteen years after the disappearance of Rui Pedro, the Central Bureau of Investigation and Prosecution filed an indictment finally Afonso Dias, 34. In its order the Prosecutor Victor Magallanes explained that the delay in charging the defendant was due to the fact that he never appeared any clue that would lead one to believe that Rui Pedro was dead. The fact that they do not, however, more evidence emerged about the whereabouts of the boy led the research stagnate. Alfonso was then charged with kidnapping qualified.

Filomena had full confidence in AFONSO

Filomena had full confidence in Afonso and helped him immensely, since he came from a family with severe economic needs. Afonso helped the family in the driving school that had one in Lousada and went almost every day seeking Rui Pedro and sister Carina, aged eight, to school.

Manuel Mendonca, father of the child and maternal grandfather never liked the approach of the defendant to children because of the different ages and at various times attempted removal. This was precisely the reason why Filomena in the day on which the child does not give permission to meet Alfonso. Rui Pedro disobeyed his mother and appeared in the field.


A month after he disappeared from Lousada, appeared in the magazine 'Caras' photo of a minor in Eurodisney in Paris today that the parents believe is Rui Pedro. At the time the magazine was doing a story with the commentator Nuno Rogeiro and family and the boy ended up being inadvertently caught in the photographs.
"For me it was Peter that picture, this is another picture which I have no doubt," said Manuel Mendonca.

At the time the Judicial Police of Porto asked Nuno Rogeiro. The commentator made sure that did not realize the presence of the child, who appears in the photograph in the company of an adult. Inspectors were also asked screened surveillance cameras Eurodisney, but at that time were off. It was also requested from the 'Guys' who envisioned the remaining photographs taken at that location, but no more appeared smaller than the Filomena and her husband Manuel Rui Pedro Mendonša believe it.

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