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Interview with Mrs. McCann

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Interview with Mrs. McCann

Post by Pedro Silva on Sat Sep 03, 2011 12:54 am

My friends, I received this through Google alert:


“I don´t think she´s dead”, says mother of missing child:

"I do not think Madeleine had died," said Kate McCann, mother of missing girl in Portugal four years ago, in an exclusive interview with Marie Claire

She does not lose hope of finding her daughter and gives details of the case in the book to be launched at the Book Biennial in Rio de Janeiro, from this Friday

Her speech is paused and the voice seems to be constantly choked by tears about to burst. It is difficult to measure the pain and sorrow felt by Kate McCann, four years after the disappearance of her daughter Madeleine. Today with 43, the British mother have not give up the search for her firstborn. She dropped out of medicine and, since May 3, 2007, is dedicated exclusively to gather information from people around the world who believe they have found the girl - if alive, she is 8 years old at the site www.findmadeleine.com there is a projection of her current physiognomy).

The police officially closed the case in July 2008. But Kate and her family did not. The book that bears the name "Madeleine" was released in England and in Portugal in May and now arrives in Brazil (Editora Plumb, 440 pp., R $ 49.90). Based on the diary written by Kate over the years and the police inquiry, the book raises the possibility of abduction by a pedophile network, criticized the investigation by Portuguese police (and inaction of the British) and speaks of the crisis that has developed the marriage of Kate and Gerry, Madeleine's father. The youngest children, twins Sean and Amelie, now 6 ½ years, still wondering about the older sister and friends to explain that "Mommy used to be a doctor, but is now looking for Madeleine."

"There's still hope. We live in a kind of limbo since she disappeared, but we can not give up, "says Kate, in an exclusive interview she gave to Marie Claire.

Marie Claire - How do you feel today? And how are Gerry and the twins?
Kate McCann - Well, considering everything we went through. We are much stronger. Now, look for balance. Gerry works full time and my work has been to continue the search for Madeleine. Now we also have the chance to do several things normal family, how to take Sean and Amelie to school.

MC - The twins are frequently asked questions about Madeleine?
KM - Not every day, but with a certain frequency. The disappearance of her is also part of their lives. They understand what happened and what we're trying to do. In their view is very simple: "Madeleine is missing and we have to find her." Always talked about redemption, about what we do when she returned home, about hope.

MC - The hope of finding Madeleine became the reason of your life. What is your reaction to discovering that she is dead?
KM - Unfortunately, I consider all possibilities. In recent days, I can only think the worst. But we still have hope, anyway. I read about many cases of families that their children were able to recover after decades of disappearance. We can not give up. It's hard not to know about her whereabouts - we're living in a kind of limbo since she disappeared. And it's so hard to shake off the dust and reemerge. We have to keep looking.

MC - You no longer works? It is dedicated to the time the search for Madeleine?
KM - I no longer exercise medicine. The last four years were probably the years I've been busier in my life "professional." I spent much time visiting the police files, writing my book and also by launching campaigns to search for Madeleine. Even Gmail to open, it takes a long time. Sean and Amelie understood and always say to friends: "Mom used to be a doctor, but is now looking for Madeleine." While not met, there is still much work to be done.

MC - You will still find the police in the search for her?
KM - The work of the police officer was terminated in July 2008. We follow with a private investigation and have relied on the help of the amazing people who are on vacation, still looking for her, who think it is photographing Madeleine and send us.

MC - The most recent news, that Madeleine could have been found in India, hope you brought some larger?
KM - We receive dozens of daily news about alleged whereabouts of Madeleine. In this case, the difference was that this information eventually came to the media that followed and led to repercussions. However, the fact that she allegedly been found in India gives me more strength, even at that distance, I can count on help from people who are still looking for her.

MC - Is there a reason you smile today?
KM - For a long time, not allow myself to enjoy life and not feel guilty if I did. But the fact is that if I had not given a time, where else would not have to draw strength to continue the search. I have two other children and now I'm stronger. I feel more able to enjoy life - and do it for Madeleine.

MC - You can feel the presence of Madeleine?
KM - I do not think she died. Any mother would feel that way. I feel close to her. Madeleine is part of our family. We do not feel that is the end.

MC - How do you deal with the memories left by Madeleine? Can review pictures and videos?
KM - Many good memories. When I get to revisit them, sometimes I feel really sad, sometimes it makes me happy and comforted me, brings me peace. It is in our lives. There are pictures of her throughout our home. Amelie always refers to her as "my sister".

MC - At one point, you were accused of being suspects. How to deal with it?
KM - (voice breaking) I found unbelievable. When you think nothing worse can happen ... The search for Madeleine has become my biggest obsession. And many people do not understand it. It's like a nightmare, a bad dream from which you can not wake up.

MC - On the other hand, you received support from people all over the world ...
KM - I would be unable to describe the importance of support I have received since the disappearance of Madeleine. This helped me enormously. People were very good and careful - and it also empowered us to continue the fight. We even had a great support from Brazil, a very dear family who became very close to us.

MC - How is your relationship with the press today?
KM - We need the media. Madeleine needs her to be found. We face a hard time with the press. But I still hope that it helps to find Madeleine. Just ask for the journalists to be responsible with the information because that is our little missing.

MC - It's very painful or tiring to keep giving interviews? Or do you believe that this is what must be done to continue the search for Madeleine?
KM - At first I thought all this and intimidating. The questions seemed too difficult and too much stirred my feelings. I always tried to preserve my privacy. But as I have dozens and dozens of interviews over the past four years, I got used a little. I know the media is powerful and reaches millions of people. And if that is necessary to bring my Madeleine back, I will.

MC - You often visit Portugal?
KM – Yes. Also at Lisbon to talk to lawyers. I also been at Praia da Luz 5 times per year (local resort where the family vacationed and where Madeleine was abducted). Soon after her disappearance, I could not go back there, but now I go there quite often because I feel closer to her.

MC - What are your next steps now?
KM - I keep a journal. The book was released in May in England and Portugal. Next week will be launched in Brazil in September in Germany, in mid-October in Spain and some other countries by the end of the year. People will read the book and will know that there are still many questions that remain unanswered - and they may be able to answer. We believe that the information is sent to us and we hope to bring them together to arrive at it. I have faith that we will find the key information that is missing to find it. Keep looking and praying for Madeleine who remains missing. We can not give up.

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