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Mrs. McCann interview

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Mrs. McCann interview

Post by Pedro Silva on Mon Jun 13, 2011 7:59 am

My friends, this was taken from Portuguese newspaper "The Crime".

Kate McCann opens the heart, in interview to “The Crime”:

At front page:

“I never thought in suicide”, but sometimes I wanted all to be end”.

“Maddie may not been taken by a paedophile”

“It is needed to identify the suspects that the witnesses described”.

The parents of Madeleine McCann wants to see the process of the search reopened in Portugal. They have succeeded in England, the await now for new data which allows to do the same in Portugal. In an interview at “The Crime”, Kate McCann talks about her struggle and her conviction that the abductor of her child could be the man that the witnesses reported with a child with pyjamas in the arms.

Crime (C): Kate, according to what you wrote in your book, believes that your daughter was kidnapped by a paedophile. You have that conviction from your heart, because it seemed the most obvious, or from the developments of the investigation after the disappearance of your daughter?

Kate (K): We do not know who took our daughter or why, despite being likely that the abductor be the man seen by witnesses carrying a child in pyjamas at the night of May 3, 2007. In the first days after the abduction of Madeleine, our biggest fear was that she would have been taken by a paedophile. However, after several researches, with time passing, we begin to consider that it may not be the case. Like experts in USA mentioned, there are several possible scenarios in which Madeleine could be alive and there may be several motives in why she was taken. All hypothesis should be considered. It would be wrong to give up of a child without contrary evidence.

C: What is the main purpose of the book?

K: The main purpose of the book is to try find our daughter. I always thought in writing everything that happened for our three children to have the notion of truth. The decision of publishing in book, my notes, was much more difficult. As a last analysis, however, we need to continue the search for Madeleine. Since July, of 2008, there is no police force looking for our girl, so we with out team are doing it. We hope that the book contributes directly to help, taking also to someone who have relevant information, to appear and share it with us. Meanwhile, to keep our searches we need money. All the royalties of the sales of the book will be used in that search. Our only goal is to find our daughter and those responsible for her abduction.

C: In Portugal, the PGR have declared that don´t intend to re-open the process without new consistent evidences. What comments does this deserves?

K: It is the formal position, in which is in line with the justice rules in the country. We are aware of that. In Portugal, when a case is closed, it can only be re-opened if new evidences appears. And it didn´t appeared because the investigation stopped. What we have requested is the review or re-evaluation of all information in the process. Which includes the information kept by Portuguese authorities (the one which is in the archives of PGR and the one that it isn´t) the information kept by British authorities and the information collected by our team in the last three and a half years. The reunite of all different pieces of information, which, isolated, may not have relevance, could be studied as a whole. It could also help identify the areas which needed to be investigated or needed a deeper investigation. New lines of investigation could also be identified and which allows us to be closer of finding what happened to Madeleine.

C: You admit that it may have difficulties in the cooperation between British and Portuguese polices?

K: We do not believe that such problem exists. We are talking about finding a child. We want to believe that this is the main concern and priority for all involved.

C: Have you contacted the Portuguese authorities asking the re-open of the process?

K: As we mentioned before, we have request the review, re-evaluation of all information in the process of Madeleine, in which, there is no new data on the case. By the reasons mentioned above, we believe that from that review / re-evaluation, new informations and evidences may appear, which allows us to request the re-opening of the process.

C: What kind of balance you do about the work and results of the private investigation during these years?

K: Our team worked very hard during the latest years. Obviously our research has limitations which police authorities don´t have. Despite everything, many information was gathered by our team – which will be shared with anyone who leads the review / re-evaluation of the process.

C: In the book you publish more portraits of possible suspects. What witnesses described these persons?

K: Yes, those sketches of “suspects” were produced with the help of the most relevant witnesses. These individuals are still to be identified. Madeleine will be found by a person who recognize her or through identification of the person who took her. We are, however ,very interested in identify and / or eliminate the men presented in these sketches (the most part of information is available in the files which are public and can be consulted by everyone who wishes it).

C: In the book, Kate talks about how the despair pushed you to a limit situation (you though in suicide). These moments have been repeated in your life?

K: To whom who reads the book will see that in any point I mentioned in putting an end to my life, although I describe moments very difficult about what I´ve been through. I have three children who needs me, and, so, suicide cannot ever be considered. But, sometimes, the pain was so hard that I wanted all to end.

C: Hundreds of clues were followed by Portuguese police and listened dozens of witnesses. What do you think has failed at the police strategy in Portugal?

K: For us, the worst was the assumption, by PJ, without any evidence, saying that Madeleine was dead. From that point of view, it became apparent that the researches for our daughter, by the authorities have ended. Additionally, by sharing this thesis with public opinion, the investigation was harmed, because, in which people would stopped of finding her and would not revealed potential informations about her. The PJ files confirms that there is no evidence of harm to Madeleine. That´s why we have to continue to look for Madeleine and to the person (or persons) who took her, which remains free.

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