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Kate and Gerry McCann: we ask that people who have not yet spoke, to do it now.

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Kate and Gerry McCann: we ask that people who have not yet spoke, to do it now.

Post by Pedro Silva on Tue May 24, 2011 8:13 pm

My friends, I received this today, through google alert:

Kate and Gerry McCann: we ask that people who have not yet spoke, to do it now.


McCanns says former PJ investigator goncalo amaral "undermined the search by trying to persuade people that Madeleine was dead. " Defamation lawsuit is ongoing.

Arrived in Portugal on Saturday and in less than two days gave six interviews. "Madeleine, " the book part of the diaries of Kate McCann, is published today in Portugal, after the UK have sold thousands of copies in the first days. Over nearly 500 pages, Maddie's mother tells a story that begins long before the disappearance of her daughter, on the 7th of May, in Praia da Luz, Algarve. In an interview with i, the couple, who never stopped holding hands, confesses that one of the objectives of the publication is to strengthen the fund for the search of the child, which is with seven years now.
How is to return to Portugal?

Gerry: Coming to Lisbon is always different, contrary to what happens when we go to the Algarve. Here we reunite with our lawyers, while Praia da Luz has a more emotional side.

Kate: I feel much needed to return to Praia da Luz Also in April we were there. It's my last connection to Madeleine and something pushes me there, I am closer to her.

Why did you decide to write this book?

Kate: There is a difference between writing a diary and make it a book. I started in 2007, because I thought it would be good for Madeleine, in order to fill the gaps when she returns. And I wanted that my three children had an account of truth. In the beginning there was the need to publish, despite having a strong desire to shout the truth. But since July 2008 slowed the search for Madeleine, and now we have to finance the search through our fund. It was a joint decision. And I did not want to do all that is possible. Do not want to regret not having done anything that could bring information to help recover Madeleine.

Gerry: I also think the book can help you find her.

Gerry: In the last chapter there are some robot- pictures of people who have not yet been identified, and many questions remain unanswered. This is also one of the objectives of this book, anyone can recognize these people. Madeleine will be found because someone recognize her or because it recognizes the images that are in this book.
You publish many photos before of what happened in Praia da Luz Why?

Kate: To contextualize. To show how we were before this happened, happy and very lucky. Maybe to give an idea of who we were and how we are now.

Gerry: For many people, our lives began there and people do not or cannot establish a closer relationship with us. We are very ordinary people, we had a very pleasant life. Today we spent much time focused on campaigns, fund-raising.

Which compels you to constantly relive that night ...

Kate: There are situations from which I can not turn on and off. Do not know if it's a female characteristic, but I can not compartmentalize my life so much like Gerry. I could not do it and I could not do my job as a doctor well done.

Gerry: It is important that people know that we live this every day of our lives. Madeleine is a big part of our lives. We like our life with the twins, but there is always a limit, always missing something.

But life goes on ...

Kate: And sometimes I felt like stop everything and say "Stop what you are doing! There is a child who is still missing! We must find her." And then I think that time is passing, Madeleine is getting older, and separated from us, but ... the truth is, life does not stop and we must continue.

Gerry: We need to find Madeleine and she needs to know this. We need to get answers. Any parent of a missing child has admitted giving up!? Never. There are times when we are exhausted, we worked a lot, but there are always distractions, unpleasant things, things they write about us in the press.

How do you think the Portuguese sees you?

Gerry: We hope they will come to see us in a better way after reading the book.

Kate: The book will give more information to people. There were many things that were said that were not true. There is nothing worse for the search for a missing child than to say that she is dead, everyone gave up looking.

In this book, you criticize the police. What were you waiting for the Portuguese authorities?

Gerry: We do not want to blame anyone for Madeleine was not found. It has been hard and without success and we appreciate their hard work, but we are still interested in what can be done. We strongly believe that more can be done.

Kate: I was disappointed and angry because she is a missing child and suggest that she is dead, without evidence, stating that we are involved, also without evidence. It's wrong. I do not know to tell you otherwise. And I know there are many police who are keen to find Madeleine, who worked hard in this direction and were not responsible for changes in the investigation.

Don┤t you think the media attention the case could harmed the investigation? If it were today, had you changed something?

Gerry: I do not think anyone who looks objectively at what has happened to what was written about us, thinks that was fair or true. It is dangerous because people judge by what they read in newspapers. From the first day that there it was monitoring by the media, who were not called by us. Some of our decisions was whether we would interact with the media and it was I who decided it because I thought it would help. But no one was driving at the time, neither gave us expert advice. We did not broke the secrecy justice, we did not interfering with the investigation. And we feel that in the early days if Madeleine was still in Portugal, had a good chance that the police found her.

Kate: The media are very powerful. Obviously we need their help to help find Madeleine, but are also powerful in a negative way. Journalists should remember the most important: there is a child who is missing. Anyway, with the media, I would not change anything. All the experts says that the media help is important.

How did the case was reassessed by the British authorities?

Gerry: It was difficult. I already went to ask for two and a half years. In early stages, they helped, but then there was a gap. We talk to three Secretaries of the Interior asking them to do more and we saw that nobody was looking for Madeleine. And it was not right. There had been no revaluation and they order to do it. It is a common practice in the UK.

You made this request to the Portuguese authorities?

Our lawyers made it clear that the case would be reopened only if there was new evidence. But if a case is not reopen the case, how will new evidences be found? We knew that existed information that the police could follow, so it became irrelevant whether the case was open or closed. We focused first on making a systematic assessment of what was needed to pursue. I think the turning point occurs with the publication of the book and its promotion in newspapers, the involvement with the public. This helped to remember that for the first time anybody was looking for Madeleine. There was public support, which created some pressure on political power. The most important thing is that there are specialists in England used to reassess extremely complex cases and that this how they will work.

There was a time when every day brings news of sightings. Still receive many contacts to suggest clues?

Gerry: Most things, phone calls and emails, there are more when we appear in the media. Often they are visions, dreams, mediums and do not investigate these complaints. We want people who have not spoken for some reason, may do so now. Some policemen in the UK told us that with time the loyalties and relationships of the people change, motivations change, and this should not be underestimated.

And do you have someone in mind?

Gerry: No. I wish. It is one of the hardest things for us.

Kate: Four years is too long, we feel that we can draw the attention of many people. We just still didnĺt reach that person, or people who know something. How much more do we have to work until we reach our goal, no one knows. But there must be a group of people who know. It may be a matter of choosing the right time.

Gonšalo Amaral is preparing to publish another book. You know about it, will you act in any way?

Gerry: He hurt the search by trying to persuade people that Madeleine was dead - and by suggesting that we were involved, despite no evidence. That's why we had to go to the courts: the main process of defamation is still ongoing. It's the most we can say. We did everything to try to find a missing child, while he says the child is dead. And it is hard to bear.

In the book you talks about some spiritual experiences, dreams ...

Kate: In September 2007, although it is strange, had not dreamed of Madeleine. It was a horrible experience. I've had this dream three times, I dreamed that I was embracing her, I could feel it, then wake up and reality hit me hard. It was horrible, it affected me a lot.

Gerry: She wakes up crying and screaming that Madeleine had disappeared. With me. I do not know if it was a vision or a spiritual experience. We were in silent in a church and had a picture of a tunnel. It was very dark, almost no lights, and I had the feeling that we were walking towards the end of the tunnel and the light was getting bigger and brighter. I interpreted this as if we could do more, there are many avenues to follow in the search. I was galvanized, with more energy. I started making phone calls, dealing with issues of this campaign, I felt I had to do everything. It was a moment of contemplation.

The help of the church was very important?

Kate: Of great importance. The local community was also there was a Mass on May 3. It was very important and still is. Never felt so much support from people who did not know, it was incredible.

Gerry: The people, despite not knowing English, told us: strength, hope and courage (in phonetics free).

Kate: He is speaking in Portuguese ...

Gerry: Strength, we always say to each other when we have a bad day. And maybe, for people who have followed everything closely from the beginning, is different than it was for people who just saw us on television. We are eternally grateful for the support we have received in Praia da Luz, because it made all the difference at that time.


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