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Today I found this at a shopping center

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Today I found this at a shopping center

Post by Pedro Silva on Fri Mar 18, 2011 4:12 am

My friends, today I found this at a shopping center (I had it in my hands, read it, at the cover, which is written in Portuguese) in my town, I also checked that at Fnac, worten, though the whole Portugal, this book is being sold:

to see the photo of the book cover, please, see the first link:


translation from the first link above:

This book is told by Natascha Kampusch, the victim of a kidnapping that lasted 8 years. Only four years after managing to escape, she decides to tell a book by everything that happened in 3096 days trapped underground in a basement, which became his captive from the age of 10.
One thing is what you hear or what the media tells you, another is to hear the whole story told by the victim herself.

Natascha begins the book telling how she was living with her parents. The parents were divorced and she lived with her mother. By the way she told her childhood, I realize that living with his parents was not very good. Not that they abused, does not come close. But Natascha's mother did not like to see her daughter crying and when she wept, she ordered her to be strong. Therefore Natascha felt neglected by her parents. Of course, if we analyze the attitude of the mother in her childhood, that may have helped Natascha survive the brutal violence she suffered. At the time that Natascha was kidnapped, kidnapping cases were very frequent.

She watched the news about thin girls, blondes and blue eyes that were kidnapped. Some were lucky, were found alive, but these were few, the majority were either found dead or was not found and had been admitted has dead. Natascha said in the book that she felt very sad, but not afraid, although girls have the same age of her. She says when she was fat and short so I had no fear, because in your head the hijackers had a preference for thin girls. But Natascha was wrong.

It was the first day of school, Natascha was excited because it would be her first year at school who would go alone. They were just 15 minutes from her home to school, a quick walk, but along the way was surprised by an honest-looking man. Natascha was taken to the kidnapper's house, where it remained in captivity in the cellar for 3,096 days.
I could see that Wolfgang Priklopil - the kidnapper - felt lonely and perhaps for this reason has decided to kidnap a child at that time. He, a telecommunications engineer, lived alone and from what I see, through surveys Priklopil neighbors would never see him as a threat.
At the time, a witness had seen a girl with the same clothes that Natascha had gone to college - red - have been charged by a man by a white van. This clue led police to search throughout the region by any white van. The police even went to the house of the kidnapper, but by testimony of police officers who were in case they find no clues to incriminate Priklopil.
I think it all has a part to blame the police, who left side of the case and did not take as seriously as it should and it resulted in a lost childhood.
As I read the pages of this book, I felt very sorry for the girl who was losing each day that passed the days of his childhood. In the beginning not to understand, when she described every little detail, until I say it bother me a bit early because I wanted to know her story and felt that details were not different in this book. But only later I could see that every detail was the memory she had.
Today I can say that I see as a victim Natascha, nor do I feel sorry for her. Natascha is an example for me of life and only with their words could tell how we can be strong when it comes to our survival. Imagine 10 years of age at 18, held without being able to see the light of day, or hear other people? Think how much that girl was strong and did not deserve to be seen as a victim or as a fragile thing.
Many people and media see itself as a victim Natascha of Stockholm syndrome, "a psychological response developed by people who are victims of kidnapping. The syndrome develops from the victim's attempts to identify with his captor or gaining the sympathy of kidnapper. " I could agree, but after reading the story told by Natascha, I could see that it is very cruel to say that she suffers or suffered from some kind of psychological illness. You see, when Natascha was kidnapped was an only child, 10 years old, the only person she saw and lived the hijacker was not to suffer so much, she tried to create a bond with this man and see him as someone in their family if not that maybe she would still be there today or perhaps dead prey and consequently would not be here to tell. Now tell me, do you think this is a syndrome? Some kind of disease? Want to live and feel free to try it some disease? If you still do not read this book. This is the first time that Natascha speaks openly, after four years of his escape. She tells us the long period in captivity, her relationship with the gunman and how he managed to escape.

The second link is from RTP news about the book, which says almost the same in the translation above:


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