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New director at Casa Pia

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New director at Casa Pia

Post by Pedro Silva on Mon Sep 27, 2010 7:47 pm

New director of Casa Pia wants to "break down stigma" about of pedophilia and follow track of who went by the institution
Lisbon, Sept. 24 (AP) - The new director of Casa Pia wants to "break the negative stigma" because of the sex abuse scandal, and among the projects that are proposed, consideration of a survey of the fate of children and young people passed through the institution.

In her first interview since taking office as president of the Board of Directors of Casa Pia de Lisboa (CPL), a month ago, Christina revealed to Lusa that dream to change the image that the institution currently has.

"I would love to help break this negative stigma that Casa Pia have. Do not feel internally, but externally yes," he said.

Her dream, she confided, is going through, "as soon as possible, whenever I have the combination of Casa Pia child versus happy versus employees and service excellence versus outbound participatory citizens, assets - whatever they are, workers, scientists or artists - but citizens of reference. "

Cristina Fanqueiro thinks that "most people still do not know what is done" in the Casa Pia and for now, wants to move to know what makes those who passed through this institution.

Thus, this direction will move forward with a survey to find out what happened to children and young people after leaving the institution, with special attention to the children of reception.

The goal is to establish, "to the institution's history, what happened to most children who go here on a consistent basis."

"We know many people who passed by reference Casa Pia, but now many others, that we know nothing," he said.

Cristina Fanqueiro wants to turn the page, but insisted on being in the final phase of the trial process of the Casa Pia pedophilia, once attended the reading of the Judgement in the past 03 days.

"I was there in solidarity with the House and to the victims," since "it is clear that there was a serious oversight and children were not properly protected," he said.

On victims, recalls that during the trial were "very anxious, especially during the morning. Then were realizing that their statements were credible."

About the future, argues that "one looks forward otherwise, with no other hope and expectation and desire to return to make this house a home for excellence, innovation, and has shown over time."

To this regard with the creation of "pockets of individual values," which will allow children and young people can have access to scholarships. "

"They go through here whose children are bright and pathways should be betting too heavily on them, helping them to" complete their training in Portugal or abroad. "

Another measure announced by Cristina Fanqueiro is the appointment of a Board of Trustees - under the law of this institution - which will consist of five persons to act as "a reference to children and young people in defending their rights."

The role of these trustees must pass "comment, to intervene and check what is being done here and that can help give a different image and enhance the image of Casa Pia."

Without revealing names, Cristina Fanqueiro good just that these trustees should be people who "defend the rights of children."

Cristina Fanqueiro that before these functions at the CPL was the director of the Department of Social Development of the Social Security Institute, replaced in office Joaquina Madeira, which was more than four years in the institution.


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Re: New director at Casa Pia

Post by Catkins on Mon Sep 27, 2010 9:55 pm

Good luck to her...I hope she succeeds in making it a better place for the children.
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Re: New director at Casa Pia

Post by christabel on Tue Sep 28, 2010 3:32 am

Catkins wrote:Good luck to her...I hope she succeeds in making it a better place for the children.

Me too Cat,
that is unless she gets the same threats the last one who spoke out did.

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Re: New director at Casa Pia

Post by Chicane on Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:08 am

Powerful woman..pleased to see something good will come out of this horrible mess.

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Re: New director at Casa Pia

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