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Casa Pia convictions.

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Re: Casa Pia convictions.

Post by clairesy on Wed Sep 08, 2010 8:18 am

Im sorry but i don't agree,im trying to understand what your saying ...and to some point i understand what your tryign to explain here..although im not in agreement with it.I guess we cant all agree on the same thing can we.But that doesn't mean i think any less of you guys here or your opinions,im just not thinking the same as you where this casapia case lies.

Yes i agree there are more abusers running free,yes i agree these 7 jailed are the lowest of those involved(meaning i believe they are the sidekicks of those higher up who are involved etc)

But i dont think the victims would lie. All these years later carrying that horror with them.... only to once again be over powered by a system which after years of abusing them sexually is now going to get them to stand up as adults and lie through 440 odd court cases? These victims aint pointing the finger at some random guy in the street they are pointing the finger at those who are connected there with casapia,those who abused them.
The only problem is..they aint got no physical evidence to connect them men to the victims.. but then after all these years i dont suppose they would have any physical evidence would they.

They have to rely on those who were abused to tell what happened to them.

Seven are jailed ... that's a success.A small one,but a success at that.

The problem lies not with the victims,but with the rest of them who still remain free,and why they have not been caught.

Perhaps it is those 7 jailed men who are lying and protecting those higher up...not the victims?
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Re: Casa Pia convictions.

Post by maria on Thu Dec 16, 2010 8:33 am

A very interesting site, I think. Casa Pia is also there.

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