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Dutch newspaper talks about Hewlett´s letter to his son

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Dutch newspaper talks about Hewlett´s letter to his son

Post by Pedro Silva on Sat Sep 04, 2010 3:47 am

My friends, the link here was taken from PFA2 (posted by our friend Chicane, thank you for the Dutch link):

My friends, here is the complete translation (from Dutch to English) about this link:


Dying pedophile: Maddie was kidnapped to order

LONDON - Serial pedophile Raymond Hewlett, suspect in the disappearance case of British girl Madeleine McCann, has said on his deathbed that he knows what happened to the girl.

Serial pedophile Raymond Hewlett.

Police drawing of a man who according Maddies parents, she would have carried away. PHOTO Épain a letter to his son Wayne, who had no contact Hewlett years, he says nothing of the kidnapping to be related. Knows he may report that Maddie was abducted to order.

The girl was commissioned by a rich couple in May 2007 by a band of gypsies have been brought from Portugal. Maddie was there with her parents on holiday. The gang, according Hewlett, a shopping list with potential victims.

Private Detectives
Especially girls with blonde hair, the preference of the 'clients' have. Although the pedophile Hewlett itself seen in the spot where Madeleine disappeared, are private investigators, working for the McCanns, very interested in his words.

The claim of Hewlett would correspond to earlier theories that guaranteed a kidnapping in order. The fact that Hewlett had friends among the Portuguese themselves gypsies, with whom he then lived, making his statements admissible.

'Yes' or 'no'
One of those friends had Hewlett-conscious, while drunk, told photos of Maddie McCann were sent to the clients and that only 'yes' or 'no' had to say.

According to Hewlett, the kidnapping has nothing to do with pedophilia. In order to abduct, large sums of money are at stake, reports the British magazine The Sun.

The confession of Hewlett is also consistent with previous testimony. A few days after Maddie's disappearance would have been seen by a British tourist in a white minivan that was driven a couple of gypsies.

Although considerable upside son Wayne was the letter from his father, he soon the parents of Maddie, and their detectives to sit down to read them the letter and tell what he knows.

The McCanns have never stopped searching for their daughter Maddie. AFP PHOTO
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