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Crime Stoppers Human Trafficking Educational Presentation is now available in your area

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Crime Stoppers Human Trafficking Educational Presentation is now available in your area

Post by Pedro Silva on Thu Jun 24, 2010 9:33 pm

My friends, I have received today this request from Jessie Fosterīs mum Glendene. So my friends, please spread this to everyone you know. Thank you.
Thank you very much. Sincerely, from GLENDENE GRANT, and on behalf of MARK PRICE from the KAMLOOPS and DISTRICT CRIME STOPPERS.

I am Jessie Foster's mom, Glendene Grant. Jessie is an international endangered missing woman and the victim of human trafficking - of sex slavery. Jessie has been missing since March 29, 2006. She was taken from Canada to the USA in the spring of 2005. Some say she was recruited, others say she was lured. All I know is she was forced to do the most awful things . . . things that we found out after she disappeared. She was beaten, she was hospitalized, she was forced to work for an escort agency. When Jessie was planning to come back to Canada for a family function, she had all her belongings packed, except her hairdryer and makeup, as we all know - a woman will shower in the morning, use those specific items, then pack them last before leaving. When she disappeared, all her belongings disappeared with her, but her hairdryer and makeup were left where she put them - on the bathroom counter.
Jessie's case has been told many times, but in our opinion, not enough - because she has not been found yet. I believe Jessie is alive and was taken away - she is a human trafficking victim. But we also know she may be dead. If she is, she was murdered. Otherwise she would have been found by now. Please help me keep Jessie's case and all the work I have been doing since, in the minds and eyes of others. It is important to let people know what is happening so they can take advantage of all I have to offer, all that I have learned, I want to share.

Jessie's name was put to an award and given out at a wonderful ceremony hosted by Timea Nagy of Walk-With-Me. Timea is a survivor of sex slavery and just over a year ago she founded her organization. For the 1st anniversary of WWM, she wanted to have an award ceremony, and honour the front line workers who not only do their jobs helping victims and survivors of human trafficking, but they also go over and above their job description and help these women with medicine, clothing, food and more - with money from their own bank accounts. These heroes were never acknowledged for anything they did, because they usually thought of it as just 'part of their work'. These heroes - police officers, social workers and people in the media were not overlooked by Timea and her organization. She organized her ceremony and decided on a name for her award to be given out to almost 30 deserving Canadian citizens. And what an honour to have the Annual Glendene & Jessie Foster Award named after my daughter and I. So many exceptional people received it, including among many others: Canadian Member of Parliament, Mrs. Joy Smith; her Chief of Staff Joel Oosterman; Chief of the York Police Department Armand LaBarge; Assistant Professor of Law at UBC, Benjamin Perrin.

Also, Professor Perrin has included Jessie's case in his book, Invisible Chains: Canada's Underground World of Human Trafficking, coming out on October 5, 2010. He was one of the first experts to tell me that his opinion was that Jessie's case is a classic case of human trafficking. His support has helped others 'believe' me when I talk about Jessie as a trafficked victim. It is very hard for most people to wrap their brain around human trafficking, and that makes it much easier for them to dismiss it.

I am hoping you would interested in writing about my daughter's case and everything that has come of it. It is a strange feeling to know that the nightmare we have been living has actually benefitted others. I can't in all honesty say I wish none of this happened, however I surely wish this never happened to my Jessie. Except for my daughter being missing, my life is pretty much a perfect as I would expect it to be. I have 4 daughters - Jessie has an older sister with the same father, and 2 younger sisters that I had with my current hubby. Both of the younger one have had children since Jessie has been missing and those children have been such a blessing to our family and especially to me - they have helped to keep me sane (I figured that they were too sweet, precious and innocent to have a crazy grandma). And for them, and all others - I have been trying to educate as many people as I can about the horrific crime of human trafficking.

I am also planning on starting my own organization. I will call it M.A.T.H. (Mother's Against Trafficking Humans).
What I want people to do is:
Do the M.A.T.H.!
WITH: 2.5 million people are trafficked yearly around the world*
PLUS: a global annual market of about $42.5 billion**
EQUALS: who is getting rich?

*The United Nations estimates 2.5 million people from 127 different countries are being trafficked around the world annually.
**The Council of Europe states there is a global annual market of about $42.5 billion.

Another thing, I will attach letter to the end of my email that I am sending out to organizations, I have started in Kamloops and area; then I will be emailing all over BC; then across Canada; and finally around the world. One day we would like to be able to offer the program online.

Thank you for your time, and I hope to hear back from you. Sincerely, Jessie's mom Glendene Grant.
[size=12]Mark Price, an ex-police officer and the head of the Kamloops & District Crime Stoppers (email: crimestoppers@uniserve.com), and I have created a human trafficking presentation. We have been going into high schools and other organizations in the Kamloops area, to educate others about the dangers of this horrific crime and try to give them some much needed info to try to protect them from ever becoming a victim like my daughter, Jessie is.

I have put our phone numbers and some newspaper links below, explaining some of the work we are doing. We truly hope you would be interested in setting up a presentation with us as we believe this program will help others a great deal.

Thank you so much. Sincerely, Glendene Grant.

Mark Price, Crime Stoppers - CELL: 250-819-3287 Glendene Grant, Mother - HOME: 250-374-6137

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