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Freedom of speech and the Casa Pia connection.

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Freedom of speech and the Casa Pia connection.

Post by vee8 on Sun May 16, 2010 7:29 pm

This comment was left on Chaos Raptor's portal, and it made me think. I give full credit here to BW, whomsoever they are, but it does indeed beg a lot of serious questions. Why DOES morais support amaral so fervently? What ARE the connections between the two of them?


Did Morais ever offer a reasonable explanation as to why Amaral's 'freddom of speech' petition was launched by Isabel Cristina da Silva Gonçalves? Her's was the first name on the petition. She was the Vice-President of the Ministry of Labour during the 1999-2005 period. As a Senior Inspector, her department was responsible for coordinating staff at the Casa Pia orphanage at the time of the alleged abuse. Several other names that appear early on in the list are ex 'preschool' staff at the orphanage. Morais's name is second or third on the list, so I can only assume that Morais is on first name terms with Silva Gonçalves - if the usual routine of these things is anything to go by (someone creates the petition and then mails it on to their closet allies for adding to). Paulo Reis's name is is about seventh on the list (there's no doubt about the names - it is them - Morais giving her full 'Joana Andrea Pinto Morais Lopes da Silva' name.

So it really begs the question: why do Casa Pia staff and inspectors have a special empathy with the plight of Inspector Amaral?

We know Morai's famous artist mother campaigned for the Socialist Prime Minister, Jose Socrates - but Joana seems more right-wing than that.

there's screenshots here:


Open to suggestions - as there's several possible explanations. None of them particularly above board and all of them to varying degrees political.

I see Portugal are introducing similar austerity measures to Greece in a bid to save their ecomomy. Just goes to prove how volatile their economy was all that time. Those with real estate and business interests were probably the first to blame the McCanns.
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Re: Freedom of speech and the Casa Pia connection.

Post by Cath on Sun May 16, 2010 11:44 pm

Vee I find this site hard to search, but I remember Maria wrote a long article about the political undercurrents.

I've watched that list of petitions as you know. I noticed the name of the witness who's reported the Polish Couple is also on that petition. Someone else also noticed it.


HOW would he (Jesus etc) know about that petition unless someone has contact with him or unless he's reading the forums? Unless someone used his name as an alias. But isn't Morais pretending they're checking that list?

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Re: Freedom of speech and the Casa Pia connection.

Post by Guest on Mon May 17, 2010 12:08 am


Maybe, they are exploiting a total free speech campaign.

How does one invite support for Amaral in a manner that would gain the type of supporters who would be willing to be active? Take action to see a campaign through.

1. Give them a rightous and empowering reason to fight a campaign

Free Speech.

2. Remind the supporters of what it was like when free speech was strangled.

2. Use the Amaral issue to focus on him being a victim of cencorship.

It wont matter about the McCann case. Divert attention so just cencorship and free speech is the campaign's focus.

3. Critisise the UK police (why Amaral had to go), critisise the UK government, link the McCanns to UK government cover up's.

Adds the conspiracy involving another country.

So what do we have?

Poor Amaral is a victim of a UK goverment conspiracy, is being cencored and was made a victim because he was involved in a case with a British couple who were protected by the foreign country.

Just the sort of stuff to stir up anger and support and completely unessessary to even consider Madeleine in order to fight for Amaral.

Amaral, the icon of Free Speech.


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Re: Freedom of speech and the Casa Pia connection.

Post by Pedro Silva on Mon May 17, 2010 2:13 am

GA is not a good example to be an icon.

Pedro Silva
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Re: Freedom of speech and the Casa Pia connection.

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