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Correio da Manhã today

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Correio da Manhã today

Post by Pedro Silva on Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:06 pm

My friends, today at Correio da Manhã:

"Interview of the McCanns marked by objections to the Portuguese and British polices".

Kate and Gerry finaly revealed to their children, both five, that Madeleine "was taken". At an interview to the channel GMTV, the couple admitted that the twins Sean and Amelie "have age enough to understand something is wrong" and they started to asdk questions which needed to be answered".

"One day Amelie asked if Madeleine has fled. And she told immediately next that it wasn´t nice to fled", revealed Kate McCann. "When she asked that question by the 3rd time, we explained that someone took Madeleine. In a kind way, we explained that was more or less like stealing", added.

At the interview, granted a few days from the date which signs the disappearance of the child from Praia da Luz, May 3rd, Kate and Gerry accused the Portuguese and British authorities of abandoned the investigation. The British press revelad yesterday that the "saga" already cost 400.000 euros (347.132£) to British taxpayers.

Every money spent, is well spent, because a child´s life / her safe return, has no price.

Pedro Silva
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Re: Correio da Manhã today

Post by Guest on Fri Apr 30, 2010 4:19 am

Exactly Pedro. What price can you put on a missing child.


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