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Spanish channel - Las Mañanas de Cuatro

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Spanish channel - Las Mañanas de Cuatro

Post by Pedro Silva on Thu Apr 29, 2010 8:48 pm

My friends, here is an interview (translated) made by a Spanish reporter Concha García Campoy.

The couple McCann at "The Morning´s Four":

"had snuggled up, leaning against me. Then took my engagement ring... she used to do this many times and put it... put it while we read a story... she is wonderful, it is what I can say".

That is how Kate McCann remembers the last moments with her daughter. Next Monday will be the 3rd anniversary of Madeleine´s disappearance. Three years in which her parents didn´t stop looking for her.

"The Morning´s Four" celebrates it´s 750 programs on the air with an exclusive worldwide interest. Concha García went to Rothley (England) to interview the couple McCann and to know how is their day-by-day without Maddie.

Kate and Gery answered, without censorship, all our questions. They tell us about their doubts still today about the case and their relation with GA, the Portuguese police, who was the Coordinator of the investigation and always considered them suspects.

"On my mind is very clear that was a man who took Madeleine and we have to find him to lnow where our daughter is. That police did not seek that man, but suspected of me and Gerry... that hurts."

Kate and Gerry tell their version, detail by detail, of what happened that night. They categorically deny they had given medicine to their children ("It was a shame that was publish. It was a shame that was published. It has no foundation. It´s a lie") althought they admit the mistake by leaving them alone to go to the dinner with their friends.

"The guilt will never leave us, we made a mistake and repeated it several nights in a row... we never thought that our children could be in danger".

They assure that to Sean and Amelie, Madeleine´s brother / sister, nothing was never hidden about what happened.

"A psychologist told us to answer with honesty to all their questions.. we explained them the abduction, by telling them, that if we want something that doesn´t belong to us, which is from others, that it should never be taken away. And they understood that. It was like a theft".

Three years after the disappearance of Madeleine, the McCanns don´t give up. They say they will continue to fight "for as long as it takes". Actually, they try that British police reopens the investigation.

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