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Madeleine Three Years On

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Re: Madeleine Three Years On

Post by Peaceful1 on Sun May 02, 2010 8:47 pm

I agree with Bluj on this one, IMO it doesn't look quite right, but hey, who are we to judge?
I certainly couldn't do better.
Important thing is to find Madeleine really x
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Re: Madeleine Three Years On

Post by clairesy on Mon May 03, 2010 10:47 am

i dont think that it looks perfect and like a 'real' child,although i can see how the artist portrays how Madeleine might look and i feel that their picture (if it could be done more clearly) would show a more accurate image of Madeleine at the age shes at now.

Like i said in my other posts, although i can see Madeleines face in the e-fits done by the fbi's computers i have always felt she looks more like a 9 year old or 10 year old even in them.Its a shame that this artist doest have the tools the fbi as because i think they could produce a more accurate image of madeleine.

But then i guess the fbi are professionals and they have done this far more times than i have,and far more times than this other artist.I just cant help but feel Madeleine as been made to look a lot older by the fbi. I think its a little confusing though to say the very least that there are sooo many images of how she 'may' look out there.My guess is all of the pics are probably way out.

She is after all the most looked for little girl in the world at the moment and i cant help but feel that she as probably been made to look sooo much different by those who hold her.They aint dull people they have successfully held her captive for almost 3 years without her being found so are one step ahead of the rest of them with regards to her whereabouts and looks.The only thing they cannot change on Madeleine is the mark in her eye,the rest would have slowly been changed and altered over time the way THEY want it to be altered and not the way the fbi or any other artist want it to be.

But like you say peaceful,the important thing now is finding her.

Like looking for a needle in a haystack... Madeleine as been hidden away somewhere and i sometimes wonder if shes right there under investigators noses.

Perhaps the public feel that Madeleine is sooo well hidden that they dont expect to ever ever see her.And even though people all over the world say they keep an extra eye out for her they actually(without meaning it) dont.

Wherever Madeleine is now i think shes been integrated into her new surroundings and community.It would be fabulous if the whole world could have a sort of international Minuit silence for her,only they could call it a minutes look out and at the exact same time the whole world stops and takes a little look at everyone who is around them.She as to be somewhere and everyday someone must be passing by her without even knowing it.If everyone could just stop and look for a few seconds at the same time!!!If every school in the world could show a picture of madeleine to their pupils in assembly and and ask the children if they are/know madeleine

frustrating isnt it to think that someone is probably teaching her everyday,medicating her, and maybe even bringing her up as their own child without realizing they are part of an illegal adoption ring!

the only issue i have with illegal adoption is that i feel it highly unlikely that the person who holds Madeleine doesn't know it is her.If i was to adopt a child then hear of one being snatched i sure as hell would take a extra look at the child even if i trusted the service i adopted them from lol.It would make you look at your new child wouldnt it??
So i dont think she is being held by someone who isnt aware she is madeleine.I feel those who have her know who she is,i think shes been lied to and forced to trust those around her by lies shes as grown to believe are truth.Thats probably why she hasn't made a run for it or spoken out to anyone,because she trusts the b@stards who have had her for almost 3 years.

Dont our passport photos have to be computerized these days??arnt they all kept on a data base thing by passport agency's?Cant they at least run a scan on the system to find out if she as ever been given a passport for any country?Her mark in her eye would certainly help them find her easier.

back at the start of this case i read how cops had run a scan on the internet using her facial features to help find any images of her online.So there are ways to do it .
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Re: Madeleine Three Years On

Post by Pedro Silva on Mon May 03, 2010 8:03 pm

Good point clairesy, I agree with you Peaceful and I quote: "Important thing is to find Madeleine really".

Pedro Silva
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Re: Madeleine Three Years On

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