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Urgent need, please help

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Urgent need, please help

Post by Pedro Silva on Tue Mar 16, 2010 9:06 pm

My friends, I have received an email from Jessieīs mother, please, help her in these two requests, itīs to help in the search for her daughter Jessie. Spread to everyone you know, convince them to help. Thank you.

Here is the email:

"I have a Canada AM interview booked for March 29th!

From: Glendene Grant (glendene@telus.net)

I got a call from Canada AM this morning. They want to do an interview with me on March 29th, the 4 year mark of Jessieīs disapearance. They will be also interviewing renowned forensic artist Diana Trepkov (Diana P. Trepkov is officially the only Certified Forensic Artist in Canada) about the age enhancement drawings she did of Jessie.

On March 28th I have to be in Vancouver - they are booking me a hotel room across from their studio . and I have to be at the studio between 4 & 4.30 AM. There is one small problem with that, I have no way to get there and no money to rent a car or take a bus. If anyone knows anyone that works for a place that is able to donate funds for this or has a way to get a ticket for me with Greyhound or WestJet.

I am not whining or complaining, you all know for almost 4 years I have never done much of tat publicly. But having a missing child is expensive. Even when you cannot carry on any more, nothing else around you stops. Bills pile up and you cannot pay them because the income has stopped. I was off work for 1.5 years when Jessie went missing and out of necessity I HAD to go back to work. Then where I work shut down. Now I have no job. My hubby changed jobs after Jessie went missing because he used to work out of town and he just could not leave me alone at that horrible time, but this job has had its hours cut back so much he is very lucky if he he even gets 20 hours of work a week. He does make a good hourly rate, but the facts are, there are very few jobs available for his work experience, so for him to quit would put us in a worse spot than we have found ourselves in now.

I know that most of you are in no better situation than we are - it is our horrible economy and we can only hope and pray it gets better, but someone somewhere must know someone somewhere who can get me a return ticket to Vancouver - bus or plane or even get us a rental car for 2 days. I know that is not asking much from a company or huge corporation - so please everyone - letīs work on getting me to Vancouver so Jessieīs story will be in Canada AM on March 29, 2010 - 4 years to the day since she went missing.

Also, If anyone is able to help with that, and they are able to do more - I have one more request. I also have to try to get to Toronto on April 15th, 2010 so I can attend the Walk With Me ceremony where police officers, social workers & media people are going to be rewarded for their unselfish work with human trafficking & victims of this horrible crime, with the Jessie & Glendene Award. Timea Nagy from Walk With Me has named if after us to bring awareness to Jessieīs human trafficking case and me for all I do to try to find her and help others while I do.

I know these are 2 big requests, but I am pretty sure we can all get together and make it happen.
March 29th - Canada AM - I need to get to Vancouver, BC
April 15th - Walk With Me Award Ceremony - I need to get to Toronto, ON

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support in our search to find my missing daughter, JESSIE FOSTER. Sincerely, Jessieīs mom Glendene Grant".
Official Website for Missing Jessie Foster:

Please my friends, help Jessieīs mom to attend these two events. Thank you.

Pedro Silva
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