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ocean club holiday reviews from past guests

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ocean club holiday reviews from past guests

Post by clairesy on Sun Feb 21, 2010 1:04 pm

Ive been reading some holiday reviews from guests who have stayed at the apartments there..right back to 2006...and up to the present day including people who stayed there around the time Madeleine vanished and in the months after her abduction..This one here i found particularly interesting because it mentions the flimsy door to the appartment and how the holiday maker felt isolated from the rest of the apartments...

Basic, Spread out accomodation, not as sold in the guide...
Luz Ocean Club


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May 8, 2007

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I booked a week stay at th Ocean Club at Luz
with Mark Warner for myself and my husband, accomodation only as we had
cheap flights. The other MW resorts appear to be run by MW exclusively
but, this resort is run independently - not clear from the brochure at
all. The accomodations are not standard or consistent dependent on the
style of the owner.

We had booked a double apartment and
requested accomodation near the pool. Unfortunately when we arrived we
were shown to an apartment on a side street, which wasn't close to the
pool or restaurants or beach, didn't have access to parking and was
dark, dank, had the softest most uncomfortable bed in the world and
seemed a world away from the picture painted by the brochure. Going
into the property, as it was ground floor, made me feel unsafe, as the
door to the premises could only be classed as flimsy, and the
accomodation, facilities internally and furniture at best could be
described as very very basic - it did however appear to be clean though
distinctly old fashioned and old inside. The only area to sit outside,
was on a patio overlooked by everyone walking up the road - and it was
a busy road - traffic being a considerable problem in the village and
pedestrians constantly walking to and from the beach, sometimes
noisilly. This wasn't a peaceful relaxing accomodation as promised in
the brochure as a result. We had spent over 450 each on the
accomodation, money which would have been far better invested in the
numerous 4-5* accomodations on this coastline which are far superior.

left the club soon after arriving, the rep couldn't (or wouldn't) move
us to a higher floor or any alternate accomodation, they said it was
full, I was pretty unhappy and we left and moved to a different hotel.
I couldn't stay there as I just didn't feel safe or that the
accomodation lived up to its brochure. I wouldn't recommend it.

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Re: ocean club holiday reviews from past guests

Post by Peaceful1 on Sun Feb 21, 2010 3:21 pm

Interesting find Clairsey, I wonder what the 'anti's' and the PJ would make of that review by the tourists?
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Re: ocean club holiday reviews from past guests

Post by clairesy on Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:37 pm

hi peaceful i thought the same thing lol.

the ocean club is however spread out across the village so i suppose that's worth remembering.

BUT....a couple things that stood out for me,and she isn't the only person to mention it in her review,is how busy that particular area of the resort actually is.

It isn't as sleepy as suggested,its busy with traffic, and people are constantly walking to and from the beach.Thats normal i suppose in a sea side town but it made me wonder about the smiths sighting in a 'sleepy luz'.I have always felt the smiths sighting might of been of just a guy with a child sleeping and nothing other than a coincidence.It could be irrelevant to the investigation and yet again something gonc clung onto as evidence that gerry was charring Madeleine's body away.

The other things that stood out was how unsafe she felt at the ocean club.Flimsy door and it was that bad the family had to find another accommodation because they just couldn't stay there through feeling unsafe.

Seems the ocean club resort have definitely received many complaints about their unsafe doors and windows etc doesn't it.
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Re: ocean club holiday reviews from past guests

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