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Post by Catkins on Wed Feb 17, 2010 1:31 am

They cannot keep blaming the McCanns for the drop in the Tourist figures on the Algarve......

Diario Noticias:

Mixed teams against crime in the Algarve

by Sonia SIM’ES with JOS… MANUEL OLIVEIRA 23 January 2010

Government wants to create teams with PSP, GNR, SEF, PJ and magistrates to reduce crime wave.
The office of the secretary-general of Homeland Security will create mixed teams, composed of elements from various forces and security services to combat the crime wave that is undermining its own security and tourism in the Algarve.
The teams, according to a source close to the secretary-general, Mario Mendes, should be composed of elements of the PSP, GNR, Aliens and Borders, PJ and the Public Ministry (MP). This is one of the strongest solutions exit meetings with police chiefs to focus on improving the violent crime in the Algarve.
The measure will be announced by the Minister of Home Affairs, Rui Pereira, who is in the Algarve (see box opposite). Concern about violence against tourists and foreign citizens with residence in Portugal was also a concern expressed by the Secretary of State for Tourism, Bernardo Trindade, during Fitur - International Tourism Fair taking place in Madrid, Spain. The two governments will draw measures during this weekend weekend, thus countering an image of insecurity that is already being transmitted by travel agencies der English.
The same source, is not the first time that such a team is created. Already requires the cooperation of various forces in Lisbon. "It is difficult to form a team of these" he says.
A month and a half was set up in Faro a group of five elements of the PSP with training equivalent to the Office of Information Security (SIS), whose functions are for surveillance and intelligence gathering. The team will be enhanced soon. And it may be that will be incorporated elements of other security forces.
Another police source said that the Algarve has become the target of greed of organized criminal groups, some composed of Portuguese citizens, others by foreigners, with ease to mobilize themselves to be in Portugal is beyond borders. "The coast to the entry and movement of drug traffickers. On the other hand, there are tourists who buy or lease homes in isolated places where they feel safe," says the source. They are perfect targets for thieves: they have money, are far from prying eyes and know the country
Authorities are concerned about the increase in robberies with kidnapping, and threatened with a firearm, to tourists. And the presence of a prosecutor in the mixed teams "may be crucial in this type of work," believes Paul Robinson, president of the Association of Professional Police. The official says there are already working closely with the police in Spain.
Josť Manageiro, ahead of the Portuguese Association of the Guard, sees great advantage in these teams' multi-faceted that can solve the problems on the ground.
From the 15th of February, will be available in only about ten seconds to detect, in the Algarve, a criminal on the run, coming from any country or illegal immigrant, with the introduction of a new technological system pioneered in Portugal. This is the SMILE - Mobile Identification System of Local Affairs, with support for document control and collection of biometric data, whereby the SEF will have an important tool for combating illegal immigration, trafficking in human beings and the serious malpractices involved.
The system will allow reading of documents for border control and support the actions of oversight and investigations, in consultation with databases SEF, Schengen and Interpol
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