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04_VOLUME_IVa_Pages_995 to 1004 - More on Murat.

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04_VOLUME_IVa_Pages_995 to 1004 - More on Murat.

Post by Rosie on Sat Feb 06, 2010 10:57 am

I translated this by Google and then tidied it up a bit, the translation is so, so. I have read this before, but not like this, proving that some people are altering the translation to suit themselves! Why do they do it? It is not as if it will make them right is it? Weird people!


NUIPC - 201/07. D GALAGS
Dear Mr Chairman of Criminal Investigation

Treat this case trying to understanding the phenomena of the disappearance occurred in the past day 03 of May 2007, between the time period of 21:05 H and 22.00H. The child identified as MADELEINE McCANN who will soon complete four years old and which was housed in the flat 5a, Block 5, of the enterprise "Luz Ocean Club".

The parents of the child, Gerald McCann and Kate Healy were on annual holidays, along with a group of citizens, also British parents, a total of nine adults and eight children. They arrived on 28th April, with the return scheduled for the 05th of May 2007. They relate the facts, the parents, as usual were dining with others at a restaurant inside the resort, called "Tapas", which is about 50 meters from the apartment where the children were sleeping, Madeleine and the two twins who are two years of age. As usual at 21.05H their father Gerald, came to see the children and entered the sliding door from the rear of the apartment, which was left open, so that would facilitate easy access coming from restaurant and swimming pools. After observation, albeit briefly, he found that three children were in perfect condition, fast asleep, though the bedroom door was more open than usual. On returning to the others Gerald entered into a conversation with a friend, that had played tennis with him this afternoon. One of the group, Jane Tanner, went to her apartment passed them talking in the road and (04_VOLUME_IVa_Page_996) view of the back of the person with one child in his arms, she could not say whether it was the little Madeleine. Why not be cognizant of the disappearance, since the alarm was raised after their daughter disappeared, though strange, not said what happened. At 21.30H/21.35H, another member of the group, Matt, was checking his children and the apartment of Madeleine and the twins, he did not fully enter into the room. He [Matt] also entered the apartment through the sliding door that was, he said always open. He indicated that everything was fine, though he did not see the missing child.
At 22.00H Kate left to check her children, and then met with the children’s bedroom door wide open, also open were the window and curtains, which it does not correspond to the scene he [the father] had left, with everything closed. Kate discovered that the Madeleine was not there. She sought his daughter repeatedly within the apartment, but she was not there. Immediately she advised the other members of the group who were having dinner, they extended the search with the help of officials of the LOC, and contacted local authorities who were later to alert the police.
Were immediately should take steps to locate the child, the same day and subsequent days, with the use of print media, and insistently and repeatedly.
Were followed every lead viable and unviable, they used the binomials and other means of search and detection.
Yet in spite of great efforts, it has not been possible to localize the missing child.


Of the many items collected, and to emphasize at this point the investigation, the occurrence situation which all unusual on a individual identified as Robert Murat James Queriol Everleigh.
This individual voluntarily went to the mobile GNR station claiming to be an interpreter of the English language and as such could be useful for the steps to be taken. He was conducted to the elements which are detailed police were on site. That same day, following he attended various due diligence carried out by the police, including inquiries of the employees of the LOC of British nationality.
At this time denoted at once strange behaviour, especially with the media, claiming not to want to be photographed, or they did refer to the presence. Please note that at any given time, we were contacted by several journalists, who argued that Murat had a strange behaviour, being extremely curious, but when they tried to collect an image, he repudiated it vehemently, claiming to be a pal's daughter same age as Madeleine and that he was in the middle of a process of divorce.
When confronted about this inconsistent behaviour, Robert Murat denoted extreme nervousness and said he would no longer interpret if that is what we thought.
For research strategy in order to better monitor and gather relevant factors, we chose to continue to use his services. Also for communication from the police in Leicester, where dwells the McCann family in the UK. We learned that an English reporter suspected Robert because of his evasive behaviour when trying to photograph and for making a phone call, who said he was talking to his daughter, making it in a loud voice, as if to prove something.


The target is the Vila da Luz, emphasizing, though not legally binding, the escape of the suspect as seen by the witness Jane, was taking the path where he [Murat] resides. Are you aware of the area where the facts and may even move, control and routine and the autochthonous people I meet on holiday. Emphasize also that some of the journeys made by Madeleine and her family, passed near the place where he lives. Moreover, it is also reported in the present case receiving anonymous information, alerting us to some circumstances of abducting be found on computer reside in a place near the block 5, by accessing the same sites several sexually oriented, trading, including encrypted computer communications ".

Thus, the above and since suspicions fall on the target [Murat], it calls to you Exa. which should suggest to the Magistrate Excellency Mo Po the emission of a search warrant to the addresses listed below, since such co some te legal instruments possible further research.

1. BOUQUET STREET, CASA LILIANA, LUZ, LAGOS. Resdidencia the target and its Mae, JENNIFER ANNE MURAT, since both confined.

4. GARRET STREET, No 19, Lagos.

Also search warrants for the vehicles:

04 - Volume IV Page 999

1. VW Transporter - 44 - 77-KD
2. Peugeot - RI - 96-03
3. Hyundai Getz - 60-AX-86

It also calls interceptions and recordings of telephone numbers of the target, as indicating the location of mobile:

1.………… 919 188 441 (number TMN)
2.………….913 687 518.

By number of its Mae [Mrs] Jennifer Murat:

1.…………917 462 308

The companion, Michaela Walczuch.

1.……….. 919 881 959

Besides these numbers, it also pray that allows interception of IMEI where they operate in may operate.

It also calls to provide, in digital form, the facturaacao detailed listagemde trace back and cellular location for all of the numbers above, in the period between the day in April 2007 to the present time.

also requested authorization for the registration of voice and image.

(pages 1000 & 1001 are illegible hand written scribbled notes)

Services of the Ministerio Publico in Portimao

Procedures Section

Procedure: 201/o7. Inquire 0GALGS N / Reference 3176112

REM. On 13-05-2007. the present case the Mma investigating judge.
At the Court of Family and Children and the District of Portimao.

O / Technical Support of Justice.

Ana Rodrigues



CONCLUSION - 13-0502007

Ana Rodrigues
CLS = =

Refer the case to Mma JIC

Why is it necessary for the investigation of the facts of the case taking into account a situation arises that makes Imerio investigate, for the citizen Robert Murat James Queriol Everleigh, P. Are issued under the provisions of the former CPP search warrants for the following addresses:

1 ... Ramakhete Street, Casa Liliana, Luz, Lagos, residence of the person concerned and his Mae MURAT, one sees that both constrain:

Rua D. 2 ... Moniz Joao Nogueira, Lot B, 3, Lagos.

3 ... Rua Adelina da Gloria Berger. Lots 8, 1 C lakes, home of Michael Walczuch:

4 ... Rua Garrett, 19 in Lagos

5 ... 5...Rua Lima leitao, No 19 R / C.Lagos, these 2 latest, not domicilianias

P. are past search warrants for the following vehicles

1 ... VW 44-77-KD

2 ... Peigeiot 205 "RI-96-03

3 ... Hyundei Gz "60-AX-86"

more p in accordance with Article 15 paragraph 2 Law 88/89 of 11 September. 187 1


paragraph a) and 269 in 1 c). both the CPP. be requested from mobile operators Vodafone TMN interceptions and recordings of telephone calls indicating the location of the cell period of 15 days.

the numbers of the target.

1 .. 919188441 (number of TMN)
2 .. 913,687,518

By number of its Mae [Mrs] JENNIFER ANNE MURAT

To the number of partner Michaela Walczuch

919881959 (number of TMN)

more to carry out interception of IMEI where they operate or will operate.

Although p is provided in electronic form (CD or DVD) to facturaacao detailed listing of trace back and cellular location which relates to all the numbers above in the period between April 25, 2007 to the present time.

Finally given permission to record voice and image.

P.d.s (the 23.30 h)

Developed in computer and fully reviewed by the signatory.

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no way
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Re: 04_VOLUME_IVa_Pages_995 to 1004 - More on Murat.

Post by May on Sun Feb 07, 2010 1:35 am

It just shows Rosie that some have an agenda when translating.

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