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Kampusch:i want to meet kidnapper's mother

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Kampusch:i want to meet kidnapper's mother

Post by lizzi on Tue Jan 26, 2010 7:35 am

Kampusch: I Want To Meet Kidnapper's Mum

6:53pm UK, Monday January 25, 2010

Neal Walker, Sky News Online
Austrian kidnap victim Natascha Kampusch has spoken of her desire to meet her kidnapper's mother in a documentary about her abduction

Miss Kampusch was kidnapped while on her way to school in 1998 when she was ten years old, and escaped when she was 18.
She has allowed TV documentary-makers into the house where she was held, and the cellar dungeon from which she escaped almost three and a half years ago.
Kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil killed himself in the hours following Natascha's escape in August 2006.
She has had difficulty adjusting to normal life since her ordeal ended.
Now she says she wants to meet Priklopil's mother Waltraud, 67, who was a frequent visitor to the house on the outskirts of Vienna during the years she was trapped.
Although she was allowed to roam the house when no-one was there, Natascha, now 21, was always bundled back into the sound-proofed dungeon when Priklopil's mother came to visit.

Kidnapper Wolfgang Priklopil

Despite the abuse, Miss Kampusch still carries a photograph of her abductor around with her at all times.
She has bought the house where she was held captive, and recently purchased Priklopil's powerful BMW car.
Natascha, whose feelings for Priklopil bordered on a perverse kind of love the older she grew, will appear on Austrian TV to talk about the difficulties she has faced since her escape.
"I live in an almost completely withdrawn way in Vienna, and almost never go out in public," she says in the documentary.
In the same programme she announces her plans to meet with Mrs Priklopil, saying: "Within the next two months we have arranged to make contact."
Miss Kampusch also says that she remains uncertain what to do with the house where she spent the formative years of her life.
"But if I choose to sell it, I will make certain that the cellar is filled in," she added.
Police have recently said the man who kidnapped Natascha and held her captive for eight years acted alone.
Prosecutor Thomas Muehlbacher said there were no indications that Priklopil knew his victim or anyone in her surroundings.
:: Natascha: The Girl In The Cellar will be shown on Five at 8pm on February 17.


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